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2014 accident that altered rapper Jimwat's life course for the better

Every thing changed when he and some friends were involved in a road accident that left his leg badly injured.

Rapper Jimwat

Addictions, whether they involve substances or behaviours, can be incredibly challenging to overcome.

Breaking free from the grasp of addiction often requires a combination of assistance, discipline, and a strong willingness to change.

For Kenyan rapper Jimwat, his battle with alcohol addiction took a significant turn after a life-altering wake-up call in 2014.

Jimwat's relationship with alcohol had become deeply ingrained in his life, but everything changed when he and some friends were involved in a road accident that left his leg badly injured.


It was a turning point that prompted him to reevaluate his choices and ultimately make the courageous decision to quit drinking.

In a recent interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, Jimwat candidly shared the pivotal moment that led to his transformation: "I decided to make changes in my life, around 2014.

"At the time, I used to think I was in control, but after being involved in a road accident, I had to change. When you are partying, you never feel like it's a lot until you take a check of your life. The accident left me with a shattered leg, and I had to go back to my mum's place," Jimwat said.

Despite his initial determination to quit drinking, Jimwat soon realized that breaking free from alcohol's grip was more mentally challenging than he had anticipated. He described the mental hurdles he faced after quitting.


"Quitting alcohol affects you mentally. It was a journey because my body had been conditioned to alcohol.

"My brain was not in a good place as I had stopped drinking immediately. I went to a rehab center on Thika Road, and the rules in rehab kept me grounded. I stayed in rehab for three months," he noted.

However, Jimwat's path to recovery was not without setbacks. He candidly admitted to relapsing, which saw him back in rehab again.

"I started chewing and using other stuff, but I never used hard drugs. That is what landed me in rehab for a second time," he noted.


Yet, amidst the challenges and relapses, Jimwat found strength and motivation in fatherhood. The responsibility of being a parent helped him refocus his priorities and provided the inspiration he needed to continue his battle against alcoholism.


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