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Femi One lists 3 ways King Kaka goes the extra mile for her despite busy schedule

Despite the distinct artistic lanes each occupies, Femi One highlighted the unparalleled support and creative guidance she receives from King Kaka

King Kaka and Femi One

Kenyan rapper Wanjiku Kimani, popularly known as Femi One, shed light on the pivotal role her record label boss, King Kaka, plays in her burgeoning music career.

Dispelling misconceptions about King Kaka's involvement in her music, Femi One clarified that despite being signed under his label, his direct influence on her music is minimal.

However, she emphasized his unwavering support and invaluable input in terms of creative direction for her projects.

“Kaka really comes through for me in terms of creative direction. He designs all my posters and all my album covers. He is very good at it,” Femi revealed, illustrating the depth of King Kaka’s commitment to her brand.


This revelation comes as a surprise to many who may not have been privy to the extent of King Kaka's behind-the-scenes contributions, especially considering his own demanding career.

Femi One playfully noted King Kaka's dedication to his work, jesting about his minimal sleep schedule, “He only sleeps for like two hours, Namwambiaga siku moja mwili yake itashut down, sleep is very important.”


The conversation also turned to Femi One's collaborations with Nyashinski, which she described as pivotal moments in her career.

Tagging this phenomenon as the 'Nyash effect,' she detailed how these collaborations significantly elevated her status within the industry.

The collaborations not only amplified her visibility but also altered the dynamics of her interactions with fellow artists, turning erstwhile skeptics into collaborators keen on tapping into her rising star.


"There's something called the 'Nyash Effect,'. People started treating me differently after the Nyash collab. Even fellow artists noticed a change in how they perceived me," Femi explained.

"There was someone i used to ask everyday for a coallabo and I know him from way back, after the song with Nyash he now wanted a collabo," said Femi One.

The synergy between the two artists resulted in chart-topping hits like 'Properly' and 'Under the Influence,' garnering widespread acclaim and opening doors to new opportunities.


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