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King Kaka reacts to video of 'possessed' woman calling out his name [Video]

Rapper King Kaka reacts after a woman seemingly 'possessed' by evil spirits calls out his name during prayers.

Rapper King Kaka

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka, recently found himself at the center of an unusual situation after a video surfaced online featuring a woman allegedly possessed by an evil spirit calling out his name.

The incident occurred during a service at Pastor Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism Center, sparking widespread attention and reactions across social media platforms.

In the viral video, a distressed woman is seen lying on the floor while Pastor Ng'ang'a conducts prayers in the background. Pastor Ng'ang'a addresses the woman, asking her who she claims to be. To everyone's surprise, the woman responds in a distressed voice, uttering the name 'King Kaka.'


This unexpected revelation visibly astonishes Pastor Ng'ang'a, who proceeds to inquire about the woman's origins, which she claims to be from the spirit world.

Pastor Ng'ang'a then kneels beside the woman and administers a substance while commanding the evil spirit within her to depart.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, with many users tagging King Kaka and drawing his attention to the bizarre occurrence.


Responding to the viral video, King Kaka reposted it on his Instagram account with a humorous caption expressing his bewilderment at the situation.

He jokingly questioned how he ended up at the church without his knowledge. His lighthearted response resonated with many of his followers, who found humor in the peculiar circumstances.

King Kaka's repost of the video sparked reactions from other celebrities and social media users alike. Many chimed in with their humorous comments and expressions of surprise, further amplifying the conversation surrounding the incident.

The light-hearted banter among celebrities added an entertaining dimension to the viral video, capturing the attention of a broader audience.


Here are some of the celebs who reacted on King Kaka's repost

idah_alisha Ala … kumbe uko na namesake kuzimu

ndovu_kuu Number ya simu inaisha na 666...Mi naamini huyu dem joh

mcatricky Na mbona jini yako haijui kuimba kawimbo kadogo??


phil_director King unamove aje hapa nje?

caterira Nilijuanga Tu ulikuwanga BadMan 😂

sammie_kioko ukiitwa na Mchungaji unaitika


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