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5 things you didn't know about Jowie Irungu's stylish ex-girlfriend Eleanor Musangi

From clinching the Miss Global Kenya title to embracing motherhood, reasons behind their breakup & cryptic message following Jowie's murder conviction.

Jowie Irungu's ex-girlfriend & former Miss Global Kenya, Eleanor Musangi

Former Miss Global Kenya, Eleanor Musangi, has been making waves post-breakup with Jowie Irungu.

Despite the challenges she faced during their relationship, Eleanor has emerged as a resilient and thriving individual. Let's take a look at how she's been flourishing

Upon Jowie Irungu's conviction for murder on February 9, Eleanor Musangi's reaction was veiled in mystery.


While abstaining from explicit commentary response invited speculation about her sentiments and reflections on the verdict

"With God, everything remains the same," she wrote on her Insta stories.

Eleanor Musangi, known for her stunning beauty, continues to shine brightly even after her breakup with Jowie.


Her social media accounts showcase her radiant glow and vibrant spirit. In various snapshots, Eleanor exudes confidence and elegance, captivating her followers with her chic style and captivating presence.

In 2022, Eleanor represented Kenya in the prestigious Miss Global competition held in Indonesia.

Her participation in the global stage highlighted her beauty, poise, and grace.

Eleanor's photos from the competition depict her wearing a sparkling tiara and dazzling gown, exuding sophistication and charm.


After parting ways with Jowie in 2021, Eleanor shared insights into the reasons behind their breakup.

She emphasized that the relationship had ended on both personal and professional levels, citing significant changes in Jowie's demeanor.

Eleanor made it clear that she wanted to distance herself from Jowie's tumultuous life story and focus on her growth and well-being.


Eleanor Musangi, a devoted mother, opened up about her journey as a single parent. She revealed that she had previously misrepresented Jowie as the father of her child to avoid unwanted attention.

However, she bravely acknowledged the truth, demonstrating her commitment to honesty and integrity despite the challenges she faced.


In discussing the reasons for their breakup, Eleanor emphasised the importance of safeguarding her modeling career.

She recognized that being associated with Jowie's controversial past could potentially jeopardize her professional aspirations.


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