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9 club emcees & hypemen who lit up 2023 [Pulse Picks]

Pulse picks MC Gogo, MC Mido and seven other club entertainers who lit up 2023

9 emcees who lit up 2023

In the entertainment realm, the role of an MC cannot be overstated. These charismatic individuals wield the power to captivate audiences, set the tone for events, and transform ordinary gatherings into memorable experiences.

As we bid farewell to another year, it's only fitting to acknowledge and celebrate the standout MCs who have left an indelible mark on the entertainment scene in 2023.

From commanding online platforms to enlivening the atmosphere in bustling clubs, these exceptional hosts have not only elevated events but have become synonymous with entertainment excellence.


If there were awards for MCs, MC Gogo would have bagged the MC of the year.

The Kenyatta University graduate gained popularity thanks to his online videos and charismatic voice. Gogo, one of the youngest entertainers, thrilled fans with online shows, TV appearances, and club performances.

He rose to prominence thanks to his use of catchy phrases in his shows and his impressive voice. MC Mido has also graced different clubs in the country and was among the top entertainers in 2023.


From weddings to corporate parties, Hype Gad was a common name in the emceeing world. He was also a prominent figure in the clubbing scene, thrilling many of his fans.

The former Dohty Family emcee had a successful run throughout the year, entertaining fans both locally and abroad through diaspora shows. Kadamawe, specializing in reggae, continued to captivate audiences with his performances.


His partnership with DJ Joe Mfalme, one of the finest DJs in Kenya, made him a fan favorite. Hype Ballo has hyped major events such as the Nairobi Festival, Prinsloo 7s in Nakuru, among others.


Considered one of the finest hype men in Kenya, MC Jose (Joseph Migwi) is a must-attend for any event he hypes.

His ability to communicate clearly with the crowd, clear enunciation, and captivating words make him exceptional. MC Jose collaborated with top DJs across East Africa, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment scene.

With over 15 years of experience, MC Jahwatchy has deeply rooted his passion for reggae music.


His immersive experience intertwines soul-stirring melodies with charismatic stage presence, creating a world of pure reggae bliss for the audience.

Known for his strong lyrical skills, Jahwatchy has worked with leading reggae labels, making a name for himself in the entertainment world.

Abraham Kinuthia, popularly known as Mzee MC Togzik, has become a topic of conversation due to his captivating banter.


His dynamic nature and sound bytes on TikTok have propelled him to stardom from small gigs at Multimedia University to club events and major performances.

MC Cure Zendiambo consistently tops the list of reggae emcees with his unparalleled passion for music.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the reggae scene, he infuses every concert with infectious energy and lyrical prowess.


Having worked with leading brands and personalities, Zendiambo has become a prominent figure in the reggae universe.


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