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Viral Akorino lady in tears after boyfriend cheated & dumped her

Emily dated Peter and his twin brother in 2022

Emily the viral Akorino lady

Emily Nyaruiru, a well-known Akorino lady, was left devastated when she suspected that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Emily opened up about the deterioration of her relationship following a miscarriage in January.

She shared that her boyfriend's behavior changed after Valentine's Day, despite being specifically asked to support her during that difficult time.


According to Emily, she became suspicious when her boyfriend, Peter, suddenly changed the passwords on his phone and warned her not to question his actions.

This raised concerns and led her to believe that something was amiss in their relationship. The realization that her boyfriend had been unfaithful left Emily in tears and feeling betrayed.

The loss of their baby had already brought immense emotional pain to Emily, and discovering her partner's infidelity added to her anguish.

Emily further disclosed that due to feeling disrespected, she made the decision to leave their shared home in Umoja.


This was prompted by Peter's refusal to eat the meals she cooked for him, despite her consistent efforts to prepare food for him on a daily basis.

Following her departure, Emily expressed her frustration at the lack of communication from Peter.

He has been untraceable as he has not been answering her calls, and he has not made any attempts to reach out to her either.


Emily disclosed that she stumbled upon messages where Peter was conversing with other women, and she specifically mentioned a lady named Sly.

She further commented that Sly is beautiful, implying that her boyfriend chose her for her looks.

Nicholas Kioko verified Emily's claims, which led to Peter breaking up with her during a phone call. He stated that he had moved on to better opportunities and advised Emily to do the same.

Emily, overwhelmed with emotions, pleaded with Peter to reconsider, but it appeared to be futile as he remained resolute in his decision, citing the need to search for financial opportunities.


In 2022, Emily gained significant attention when she revealed that she was involved with both Peter and his twin brother.

She candidly admitted that she was unsure of the father's identity when she became pregnant.


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