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Fans react to Akothee’s ‘single again’ stunt

Akothee tied the knot with her Swiss husband Omosh Schweizer on April 10

Kenyan singer Akothee

Kenyan singer Akothee, famously known as Madam Boss, made headlines with a surprising announcement.

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday August 1, the mother of five revealed that she is single once again, causing a stir among her fans and followers.

Niko single tena (I'm single again), she wrote.

Before her grand wedding in April 2023, Akothee had been involved in various relationships, and her journey to finding love has been an intriguing one.


Akothee has never shied away from sharing details of her love life with the public. She proudly refers to herself as an 'international baby mama,' having five children from three different men - two from abroad and one from Kenya.

Her first marriage was with Jared Okello, the father of her three daughters, Vesha Shaillan, Rue Baby, and Fancy Makadia.


Akothee married Jared at the tender age of 14, marking the beginning of her journey into motherhood.

Her second baby daddy is a Swiss personality whom she met in 2008 at a restaurant in Shanzu. Their relationship resulted in the birth of their son, Prince Ojwang.

However, Akothee faced heartbreak when the guy left her when she was five months pregnant. Nevertheless, fate had other plans, and she soon met Markus Urs Meyer, who would become her third baby daddy.


Akothee's whirlwind romance with her Swiss husband, Omosh Schweizer, began with the couple sharing their first photos together on September 19, 2022.

The news of their impending wedding created a buzz on social media, and on April 10, 2023, Akothee tied the knot in a lavish ceremony that captured the attention of many.

Akothee had previously announced her intention to hold a second wedding with Omosh in July 2023. However, when the month passed without any news of the event taking place, she chose not to address the matter or provide any explanation.


Since then, Akothee has been vocal about her love and admiration for Mr. Omosh. She has praised him for his understanding, support, and dedication to their relationship.

The businesswoman surprised her fans with her recent announcement of being single once again.

Her declaration of being single once again raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity among her fans and followers.


Many wonder whether she is genuinely serious about the declaration or if it's merely a tactic to create buzz for a new song, a strategy commonly employed by Kenyan artists to generate attention and anticipation.

waridi_bby am not gonna fall into this trap swt madam boss. kwanza sai ndio mapenzi yamenoga

254_fineest Another wedding loading. We'll support you mummy don't worry.


spespeh You are the best, single or married

jessicaaloyo3 Hizi nimambo za kawaida bora ulishatengezea watoto wako maisha future nzuri so sioni kma nilazima mtu aolewe ndo apate oxygen

ongeridominc Mzungu ako wapi tena

mresh._nyy Was the Swiss wedding not done? I thought it was to be in July

kafeston Pia Akothe ni mtu wa clout


melviimwesh Uuuuuwiiiih lakini wacha nisitukane mamba kabla sijauvukA


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