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Cebbie Koks' message to netizens amidst Akothee's marital talks

"When you want to kill something, starve it!" Cebbie Koks' message amidst Akothee's marital talks

Cebbie Koks

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect, share, and engage with people from all walks of life. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, including online pressure and public scrutiny.

Businesswoman Cebbie Koks, the younger sister of renowned singer Akothee, took to social media to share her insights on the importance of standing your ground.

Cebbie Koks' message resonated with many as she emphasised the significance of asserting oneself and not succumbing to online pressure, even when there are valid reasons to do so.

"Standing your ground is a skill I learned not so long ago when dealing with adversities especially of social media. Human behaviors online are no different from their offline and day-to-day life," she wrote.


Theoretical approaches, such as cognitive psychology and social learning theory, aim to provide empirical research to explain human behavior.

For instance, children tend to learn by observing and imitating the behavior of those around them.


If they witness kindness and helpfulness, they are likely to display similar behaviors. Conversely, if they observe mean-spirited behavior, they may imitate that as well.

On the other hand, the philosophical approach focuses on the underlying beliefs, values, consciousness, and morality that shape human behavior. Our actions and behaviors are deeply rooted in our values and belief systems.

Koks acknowledged that dealing with online trolls, bullies, and those with negative intentions can be exceptionally challenging.


However, she encouraged individuals to stand their ground. She emphasised that reacting to negativity with negativity only gives those seeking attention the response they desire.

She used the analogy of dealing with animals, highlighting the importance of staying calm and composed to prevent a situation from escalating.


Cebbie Koks stressed that by refusing to provide the reaction these individuals crave, we maintain our power and control over the situation.

Standing your ground doesn't mean justifying anything or speaking your truth. It means confidently asserting yourself while remaining composed, especially when a response is warranted.

Throughout her message, Cebbie Koks didn't directly address any specific situation or controversy.


However, her words resonate with the ongoing speculation surrounding her sister, Akothee's, marital status. Despite rumors and public inquiries about a possible separation from her hubby, Akothee has not confirmed or denied the same

She has, however, consistently advised people to refrain from seeking information that doesn't concern them.

Throughout her wedding plans, the wedding itself, and the post-wedding period, Cebbie has maintained her silence, refusing to be drawn into the discussions.


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