William Kabogo’s second born son Alvin Kabogo has been forced to take to Instagram in a bid to clear his name after a person used his pictures and name to dupe gullible girls.

In a post that Alvin shared, a fan informed Alvin that his/her friend sent a nude video to a stranger after believing that she was speaking to the politician’s son.

Alvin with his dad William Kabogo (Instagram)

“Hi Alvin as I had told you, there is a person by your name and picture on Facebook and after a misunderstanding between me and him, he told me to connect him with my friend of which I did. Yesterday he asked for her nude video which she sent and they even planned to meet at Ridgemall Muthaiga,” read part of the message in Alvin’s Instagram DM.

Alvin took to his Instagram story and warned his followers against the impersonator.

“Please be aware of fake social media accounts using my name and photos,” read the warning.

Alvin Kabogo’s post


The likely reason why the young lady fell for the fake Alvin is probably due to the fact that the real Alvin is one of the most flamboyant lads around.

The former Governor’s son is known for flaunting his father’s wealth that includes posh houses at the coast and at Windsor,Kiambu County.

Alvin at their Windosr home (Instagram)

He has also floored fans with a video of his dad's armored Iveco LMV. Also captured in Alvin's video tour was a sleek Sh15 million Jaguar XKR also owned by the Kabogos.

The Iveco LMV is a military-grade vehicle manufactured by Italian company IVECO and is estimated to cost around Sh20 Million inclusive of custom taxes and shipping expenses.

The IVECO is built to withstand threats posed by improvised explosive devices and land mines and has a good off-road performance and can reach 130km/h.

The former Kiambu Governor previously used the vehicle in his campaigns which would draw huge crowds as locals gathered to have a peek the monstrous vehicle.