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Azziad's major demand for dropping defamation case against Chira

Azziad could drop charges against Chira if he did the following

Azziad Nasenya

Azziad Nasenya's lawyer Getrude Kibare, while speaking to journalists after Brian Chira was granted bail of Sh50K, was asked if what Chira did could be forgiven.

The lawyer responded directly, stating that if Chira sincerely apologises to Azziad, then she is at liberty of accepting the apology.

She further explained that if Chira does apologize and they come to an agreement, they will proceed to inform the court about their mutual understanding as individuals.


The lawyer clarified that the court cannot oppose such an agreement since if the complainant (Azziad) is willing to withdraw the case, the court will not proceed with the prosecution if the complainant is not willing to do so.

Content creator and TikToker Azziad Nasenya, was spotted at the Kibera Law Courts on Monday, ahead of her lawsuit case against fellow TikToker Brian Chira.

Numerous bloggers were pursuing her, but she didn't have the chance to answer any of their questions.

As Azziad walked towards the law court building, she was accompanied by several people. Once inside, she proceeded upstairs, where she was filmed having a conversation with Eve Mungai.


Shortly after, Brian Chira, who is the accused in the case, arrived in a white double cabin. However, he didn't have the opportunity to address any media outlet.

As Chira disembarked from the vehicle, one person joked that his smile had even faded, considering he usually smiles while recording his videos.


In a drastic turn of events, award-winning content creator Azziad Nasenya has taken legal action against TikToker Brian Chira, accusing him of allegedly defaming her name.

The information came to light on July 26 at around 8:30 p.m. when Eve Mungai posted a video showing Chira being led into a police station with his hands cuffed.


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