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Bahati announces social media break; Wants to reflect on his life

What if I left today?- Bahati

Bahati announces social media break

Musician Bahati has, in a message announced that he will be quitting social media.

The singer has in addition written a cryptic message about why he made the decision, making fans speculate whether his marriage is on the rocks.

A section of his fans also speculated that he might be releasing a new song.

“I will be Taking Some time Off - Social Media Just to Reflect on My Life : But I would Like to Leave You With Something to Reflect on ... Love & Death! Have You ever Asked Yourself What True Love is! Does it exist and Does the Person Who always Say to you "I LOVE YOU " ever Mean it??? True Love is Tested in the hardest of times; but is Love still shown to you by the People you Love in your hardest Times???,” wrote Bahati.


Bahati went a step further to disclose that he has been feeling disappointed in his relationships.

I Live a Life of Giving myself to People, Supporting the Dreams and Visions of the People I Love. I Love to See the People I Love Prosper but at Times I'm Left thinking if they Wished the Same for Me ... if they Can Sacrifice for Me... Just thinking! It's always hard to think About this but if God Decides You will Die today; For how Long Will the Person You Love Mourn You... Cry for You or they Will immediately Replace Your Love for Someone Else!!! SEE YOU ALL ANOTHER DAY BUT; JUST WOKE UP THINKING WHAT IF I LEFT TODAY ???

Fan Reaction


Willisraburu: “I’m sure the new song will be a hit”


Feichaged: “@dkkwenyebeat 😂😂😂😂tunajua ni album”

Thrifty_little_decors: “I think there is trouble in paradise😢😢”

Juliemwana44: “@thrifty_little_decors hii ni kiki tu new album is coming up”


Nyaroo: “Tulia bro wacha mawazo mengi”

Lavenda_auma: “Let him release that song already”


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