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Bahati’s Manager Weezdom talks about breakup with Mylee Staicey & introducing baby mama to the public (Screenshots)

Baby Mama...Ni Afande tu flani mhumble- Weezdom

Weezdom and Ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey

Former EMB Signee and Bahati’s Manager Weezdom failed to rule out possibilities of reconciling with his ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey months after breakup, stating that he doesn’t know what the future holds.

In a Q&A, a number of curious fans sought to find why the two broke up with calls to consider rekindling their love.

“Wewe rudiana na Mylee guys looked good together? Wrote a fan.

Weezdom responded “Sidhani itawezekana but achana nisiseme hivo coz God ndio anajua Kesho”.


Another fan added “Not a question bu si mrudiane na Mylee you guys are a match bana”

The Testify hit-maker replied “Binadamu huwa tunapanga, God ndio anajua Ka utaenda up na Nani”.

Do you still Love Mylee Staicey? asked a fan.

Weezdom said “Sidhani…but simchukii”


He also quashed reports that Mylee cheated on him with dancer Ezra FBI and that’s why they parted ways.

“Hizo ni Kiki tu…Sio Ukweli”

In a separate post, Weezdom was asked to introduce his Baby Mama and son to the public and his reply was “I respect her a lot siezi mpost bila yeye kukubali nimpost”


Asked who is the mother, he said “Ni Afande tu flani mhumble hehe!



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