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'Becky' actor Andrew Levi gets real about his relationship with co-actor Becky

'Becky' series actor Andrew Levi sheds light on his bond with co-actor Lucy Maina 'Becky', shares what he wants in a woman

'Becky' series actors Andrew Levi 'Junior Katana' & Lucy Maina 'Becky'

The TV series 'Becky' has garnered significant attention, thanks to its talented ensemble cast led by Andrew Levi, who portrays the character of Junior Katana alongside Lucy Maina, who plays Becky.

Levi's portrayal of Junior, the cool kid, has captivated audiences with his deep voice, accent, and an intriguing backstory.

With the popularity of the show, fans have become increasingly interested in the lives of the actors.


In response to numerous inquiries, Andrew Levi took to his YouTube channel on March 5, to address some of the pressing questions from his fans.

One of the most common inquiries revolves around his relationship with his co-actor Lucy Maina, who portrays Becky.

The onscreen chemistry between the two characters has led some viewers to speculate about a potential real-life romance.


However, Levi was quick to dispel any rumours, stating firmly that their relationship is purely professional.

He emphasised that while they strive to create convincing onscreen chemistry, there is no romantic involvement between them off-camera.

"We seem good together, really? That's really interesting. But no! As Andrew Levi I don't love her, we are just colleagues. We try and make online screen chemistry happen," he said.


Andrew Levi also shared insights into his preferences when it comes to his ideal partner. He expressed a strong preference for black women, describing them as his primary attraction.

Levi elaborated on his preference for women with a darker complexion, noting his appreciation for their beauty.

"I am a fan of black girls. I have been around the world and I've come to realise I like black girls. I'm a big fan of the more melamine girls. Probably a bit tall very pretty, and dark, I like them a lot," he said.

He emphasized the importance of depth and confidence in a partner, valuing individuals who possess a strong sense of self-awareness and humility.


"I appreciate the beauty wherever it is but that's my preference. I also love girls who are deep, who kind of know themselves, and who value their strong confidence with sincere humility. She knows her strengths and weaknesses play to her strengths and also seeks help for her weaknesses," he said.

In discussing his lifestyle and romantic interests, Andrew Levi emphasized simplicity and authenticity.

He expressed a distaste for ostentatiousness, stating his preference for women who embrace a down-to-earth approach to life.


Levi made it clear that he is not drawn to individuals who prioritize materialism or exhibit characteristics of 'Slay Queens'.

"Am a simple guy, with a simple lifestyle. Am not into Slay Queens... Certain types of girls are way too kinda fancy for my liking," he said.

Contrary to any misconceptions, Andrew Levi revealed that he has experienced heartbreak in the past.


He shared that navigating the complexities of romantic relationships has been part of his life journey, highlighting the importance of investing emotions into meaningful connections.


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