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I live according to my choices - Cebbie Koks on why she deleted hubby's photos

Cebbie Koks has responded to questions regarding her decision to remove her husband Steve Ogolla's name and pictures from her Instagram

Cebbie Koks

Businesswoman and Public Relations expert Cebbie Koks has responded to questions regarding her decision to remove her husband Steve Ogolla's name and pictures from her Instagram profile.

The move sparked speculation about the status of their relationship, especially considering earlier rumors of a separation that surfaced in mid-2023.

Despite dismissing separation rumors in October, online observers noticed a significant change in Koks' Instagram activity in January 2024.

They observed that she had deleted photos of her husband and altered her Instagram bio. These actions fueled further speculation, particularly following rumors of a divorce between Cebbie and Steve.


In a conversation with Jagero on February 14, Cebbie Koks addressed the speculation surrounding her Instagram activity.

She firmly opposed her right to privacy and emphasised that she is not obligated to explain every decision she makes in her personal life.


Cebbie highlighted the importance of positivity and criticized the tendency to amplify negative aspects of others' lives.

She stressed the need for people to respect personal boundaries, especially in the realm of social media, where public figures often face intense scrutiny.

"People are petty. I have a business in the same context. Why are they not amplifying that? Why are we looking at things that don't matter... We are more inclined to the negative than the positive. People need to find a life.

"They need to let people be because even public figures are people too. Can I live my life in a way that I find comfortable? Instead of living a life for yourself or social media. Whatever decision I make, it's my choice and my space. I should not be compelled to explain why I did that, " she said.


Cebbie emphasized the power of choice in online interactions, stating that individuals should not feel compelled to justify every action they take on social media.

She underscored the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself amidst the pressures of online visibility.


According to Cebbie, maintaining authenticity online helps mitigate the risk of succumbing to the negative effects of social media, such as depression.

"One of the things that has kept me afloat on social media is being authentic... To live according to my choices, passion, goals, and objectives. So if I am going to explain to everyone why I stopped doing certain things, then it will be so chaotic and that's part of why the majority of public figures go into depression," she said.

She encouraged individuals to prioritize self-awareness and practice digital detoxes to maintain mental well-being in the digital age.


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