Celebrities call for Justice for Velvine who was raped & left to die by suspected Lover

She was laid to rest on Thursday

Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui.

Celebrities and Kenyans from all walks of life have joined hands in calling for the arrest and prosecution of a man who allegedly raped and killed a lady identified as Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui.

24-yer-old (Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui) was allegedly raped and left unconscious by a man she met at her place of work, and later agreed to link up for a drink and that’s when she met her death. The main suspect in Velvine’s murder has been identified as Joseph Kinyua Murimi.

Reports indicate that she was found unconscious in a hotel room with a broken spine and rushed to Kenyatta University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Update from Usikimye

“She was 24 years and a waitress at Destiny Garden. Here she meets one Antony Njenga Murimi and they agreed to meet up for drinks later when her shift was over.

On the fateful day, she was supposed to be joined by her friend who wasn't able to join them. When she didn't show up the next day, her friend traced her to where she had gone at Sinnot Hotel, and the staff confirmed they had seen her go up to the rooms. They went to her room and found her lying down on the bed unconscious.

They rushed her to KU Referral hospital, it's ascertained that she was beaten and her spinal cord broken, as well as a lot of injuries and cervical fractures were found in her groin area.

Her alleged assailant Antony Njenga Murimi is still at large. He is purported to be the manager of the Sinnot Hotel, where she was raped, assaulted, spine broken and left to die.

We demand justice for Velvine” reads a statement from Usikimye, a community Organization against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

The brutal murder has caused an uproar among Kenyans who have weighed in under the hashtag #EndRapeCulture, calling for Justice to be served. Some of the celebrities who have castigated the incident include; Janet Mbugua, Nadia Mukami, Mammito Eunice, Sarah Teshna, Mike Wachira, Cate Rira, Femi One, Nick Ndeda, Dr. Ofweneke, Band Beca, among others.

Reactions from Celebs

Janet Mbugua

“Timelines in so many parts of the world are triggers right now; rape, torture, murder. A sick pattern that has claimed the lives of so many. The same energy that’s used to cry out in outrage needs to be put in to finding perpetrators and holding them accountable. #justiceforvesh”

Mike Wachira

“If Men woke up one day and found they had been turned into women, many would not last 1 week facing the kind of men women face on a daily basis. Yes, many men have problems too and yes many men are the problem too. #Justiceforvesh.

“Nothing changes if everything remains the same. It's time more of us men spoke out against violence #justiceforvesh

Nadia Mukami

“I went to the same highschool with Velvine, Mount Laverna and I will use my space to say

It’s time to shame and End the rape Culture in Kenya! #JusticeforVelvine

NO MEANS NO!!! #AfricanPopStar

Mammito Eunice

“It pains me to see such beautiful and young life cut short.

This is such a sad reality. Action needs to be taken ASAP we shouldn’t live with such cruelty amongst ourselves!

Let’s join hands to end the rape culture in our society!!!

Brenda Jons

“STOP RAPING US!!!!! #justiceforvesh

Femi One

“This is Velvine Nungari. She was raped and murdered earlier this month. This could have been your sister, your girlfriend, your classmate or even myself.

Femicide is rising in Kenya. Rape is becoming worse. Nothing is getting better and nothing is being done.

We have to rise up and be the voice! No more girls deserve to get raped and killed. We deserve better and it starts with me and you.

Let's be the voice. #EndRapeCulture #JusticeForVelvine

Band Beca

“This is soooo painful and traumatizing!😔😔!!.

RIP Velvine♥️♥️...You will be remembered...We will fight for you!!

We need to #endrapeculture and fight for all those who have gone through this trauma..Let's have this conversation TeamBeCa!”

Cate Rira

“She told her friends if you can't reach me call through this number...her friends found her unconscious.... injured and spine broken .... she was raped and beaten up ...A young girl who could have been your sister, a friend, a future wife, a future mum , a colleague....

A young girl just like me.... was attacked raped and left for dead. The rape culture is on the rise in Kenya . Something has to be done. Please let's speak against it.

Dr. Ofweneke

Nick Ndeda


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