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Chaos at TikToker Jaber Nyar Onagi's burial as pastor suggests mourners join her in grave

The funeral of TikToker Lorine Achieng, popularly known as Jaber Nyar Onagi took a distressing turn as mourners were left outraged by remarks made by a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) pastor who was presiding over the ceremony

the late TikToker Jaber Nyar Onagi laid to rest

The funeral of TikToker Lorine popularly known as Jaber Nyar Onagi and wife of rising Ohangla musician Aungo Wuod Awendo, took a distressing turn as mourners were left outraged by remarks made by a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) pastor.

Jaber Nyar Onagi passed away due to complications arising from childbirth. According to singer Edadah Ayon, she suffered significant blood loss during the delivery of her baby, leading to her untimely demise.

The burial ceremony for Jaber Nyar Onagi was held on Tuesday, February 13, in Awendo sub-county, Migori County.


The event was attended by a gathering of TikTokers, Ohangla artists including Prince Indah and Okoth Jarapogi, as well as numerous friends and relatives.

The atmosphere was heavy with grief as mourners paid their final respects to the one's vibrant young woman.

The somber mood at the funeral turned chaotic when the pastor overseeing the service made unexpected comments that deeply offended the gathered mourners.


In an attempt to console the grieving attendees, the pastor callously suggested that those mourning should join Jaber Nyar Onagi in the grave if they thought they were truly distressed by her passing.

“If this has pained you so much, then enter the grave and be buried with her,” he said.

The pastor's words were met with immediate backlash from the mourners, who perceived his remarks as disrespectful and hurtful.


Some attendees openly challenged the pastor's insensitivity and demanded that he leave the funeral if he was unwilling to offer genuine comfort to those in mourning.

Voices in the crowd condemned the pastor's behavior as abusive and negative, urging him to depart from the ceremony.

“You have not spoken well. This pastor is abusive. Let him go. He has been this negative all through," one of the mourners said.

Some individuals attempted to confront him while others sought to restore calm to the situation.


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