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Ciru Muriuki reinvents herself after losing BBC job

Ciku says that the past three years have been tough on her

Ciru Muriuki

Media personality Ciru Muriuki recently took to her Instagram account to make a significant announcement, reintroducing herself to her followers.

In the post, adorned in a stunning blue dress, Ciru proudly wrote her name, emphasizing her unique identity.

In her announcement, Ciru described herself as a millennial mentor and storyteller, expressing her passion for acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others.


"Life has tried to show me dust these past three years…but your girl is still standing!" Ciru wrote.

Continuing her announcement, Ciru Muriuki expressed her excitement about the upcoming launch of 'The Undiscovered Podcast', promising her followers that they will see more of her on their timelines.

She revealed that she will be co-hosting the podcast with Charles Ouda, further enhancing the anticipation surrounding this new venture.

In a heartfelt appeal, Ciru requested the support of her fans, urging them to join her on this exciting journey.


The undiscovered podcast delves into a captivating world that intertwines art, culture, and music while fostering engaging conversations centered around the essence of life itself.

With a unique perspective, the podcast aims to unveil hidden gems, explore diverse creative expressions, and ignite thought-provoking discussions that resonate with listeners.

In a candid and heartfelt revelation, celebrated media personality Ciru Muriuki recently shared her experience of being laid off from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).


In a social media update, she expressed her thoughts on the retrenchment process and discussed the adjustments she will be making in her life to adapt to this new reality.

With her openness, Ciru hopes to inspire and uplift individuals who may be facing similar challenges in their professional lives.

Reflecting on her journey, Ciru Muriuki bravely acknowledged her recent retrenchment and its impact on her life.

I was laid off, in other words, I was retrenched. I was working at this large international media house for 5 years and last year they let the large staff know that they wanted to take a different direction and wanted to do a digital-first approach and as a result some roles with be made redundant. Right now I’m an under-employed journalist,” Ciru Muriuki said.


Ciru Muriuki emphasized the importance of recognizing that life's circumstances can change unexpectedly, and being adaptable is key noting she was not ashamed of losing her job.


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