Citizen TV Actress discharged from Hospital days after being hit by a Cargo Train (Photos)

Quick Recovery Alma

Jacky B and his Wife Brenda Michelle aka Alma

Citizen TV actress Brenda Michelle popularly known as Alma on Zora has been discharged from Hospital.

The update was given by her Hubby Jacky B, who said that Doctors didn’t find any internal injuries on his wife and currently she is in a stable condition.

“Hi guys, I have some good news, my wife was discharged today and we are

Home together again, the doctors didn’t find any internal injuries, we thank God. She is stable. We are so greatfull for the support you guys have been showing us. May GOD BLESS YOU. Keep us in your prayers as God keeps healing us. Thanks @beautifulbouquetskenya for the beautiful flowers” said Jacky B.

A thankful Alma also put up a post, stating that she is glad to be back home.

“I'm glad to be home again 🙏🏾 Simple things we take for granted.Thank you @beautifulbouquetskenya for this amazing bouquet 💐 #Godofsecondchances

💛💛💛” said Alma in a Instagram post.

The two were involved in an accident after being hit by a cargo train while on their way home a few days ago. Producer Jacky B escaped with minor injuries while his wife suffered the major impact from the accident.

“We appreciate this immense amount of concern and support. God bless you. Yesterday we were met by an accident when we were about to cross a railway line. It was dark and raining heavily .No lights no horns nothing a cargo train ran into our car and propelled us into a flooded area nearby.If felt like a building fell on us.Very traumatic.

Michelle was in the co driver seat so she was met with the most impact.I escaped with soft tissue injuries. Yesterday the injuries didn't alarm us as much.She even passed by the house to pick a few items before going to the hospital"

"A few tests were ran on her head and limbs were she was complaining of pain and the doctors said it was tissue and muscle damage and we were released with medication. However today she started complaining of chest pains, dizziness and nausea. We are back here to run more tests and let the doctors do their work to restore her back to her health and good spirits.They suspect thoratic trauma that was not attended to Yesterday.

For any support, Reach me on 0724119361.” Shared Jacky B after the Accident.


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