Celebs pressure Vera to pay service provider after gender reveal party

“Kwa hivyo haikuwa gender reaveal pekee,alifanya hadi Character reveal...awache mchezo” - YY Comedian.

Socialite and Businesswoman Vera Sidika Mung’asia at her baby's Gender Reveal Party

Socialite and Businesswoman Vera Sidika Mung’asia is on the spot after one of the service providers at her baby's gender reveal party put her on blast for failing to pay.

Comedian Akuku Danger who provided the sound equipment at the party took to Instagram to claim that Vera did not send the agreed balance after the party ended.

He said that the two had agreed on a Sh15,000 fee for one hour and she proceeded to send a deposit of Sh10,000.

For some of us, it's the small money that makes a difference in our livelihoods. I'm kindly asking you to pay me my balance of 5,000, Which rightfully belongs to me!” he began the lengthy post.

He explained that he was willing to forget about the balance but not after being mistreated at the hotel, which Akuku says he was later thrown out of.

Trust me, I'd let the Sh5,000 slide, but it's the disrespect you showed me and my team last night that makes me do this. Imagine leaving the venue at 1 am past curfew hours and the police caught up with us.

To cut the long story short even the Sh10,000 you paid me ended up going down the drain. Now I'm in arrears coz now my team also are demanding payment from me. What do you want me to do?” he posted.

His appeal triggered reactions from celebrities such as MCA Tricky, comedian YY, Terence Creative and others who piled pressure on Vera to pay the balance.

Vera whatever... lipa msanii ! acha umbwakni!😡” - MCA Tricky

Kwa hivyo haikuwa gender reaveal pekee,alifanya hadi Character reveal...awache mchezo” - YY Comedian.

Bro nimejam nakutumia hiyo 5k hata,” Terence Creative.

Weuh! Akuku wachana na Shikwekwe life ni ngumu kwa Msanii, type number nikutumie,” Billy Miya.

Many fans of the socialite blasted Akuku Danger for exposing the situation on social media but he defended that the post was not only about the money but the disrespect to shown to him.

For those saying I'm petty, do you know how it feels kurushiwa matusi na madem wamelewa na saa hizo mdosi wao anacheza Temple Run hapo kando ati hawatujui sasa It's not even about the money, it's the arrogance and disrespect she treated me and my team with.

The Sh5,000 might seem sublime but trust you me some of us live for that Sh5,000. If she could have just been respectful enough and told me I'll sort you in the morning or even after a week this post couldn't have seen the light of day," he said.


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