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Comedian Zeddy gives update on Korogocho family that appealed for help for son who had lost sight

I am hopeful that Najib will regain his vision-Zeddy

Zeddy with Amina Nyakoa Ibrahim

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy has given an update on the status of the Korogocho family that appealed for help for a son who had gone blind.

In an update seen by Pulse Live, Zeddy said that through the help of her followers they were able to get a doctor, who examined Najib who had lost sight, and informed them that Najib lost sight due to an issue of blood flow to his eyes, which might be as a result of food poisoning.

She mentioned that the doctor also recommended medication for Najib which he will take for the next 3 months, to help improve his condition, and that another fan had paid for his medication.


Good News my fans.

A few days ago I shared the heartbreaking story of Najib (who lost his sight) and I asked you my fans to share the story so as we get help from a doctor. Through your comments and sharing on social media we were lucky to get a Doctor Bhaiji to examine Najib’s condition. Early today I accompanied Najib and her mom to Park Eye Center and the Dr.Bhaiji examined Najibs eyes. The doctor has informed me that Najib’s blood flow to the eye had a problem due to a possible food poisoning. For that reason, his sight disappeared. Luckily the doctor recommended some medication to be taken in the next three months which will see the condition change. The medicine is expensive but a fan has bought the medicine for Najib. I am hopeful that Najib might regain his vision. Thank You all for the encouraging words you have shared and for the support you have offered Mama Najib. Nawashukuru sana mafans na tuzidi kusaidia pale tunapoweza. Tenda wema nenda zako. Mama Najib ako na wingi wa matumaini na ameshukuru sana. #Artofsharing #FunguarohonaZeddy #Depression #Letstalk #Mentalhealth,” said Zeddy.

A few days ago, in a heartbreaking video shared on Instagram by Comedian Zainabu Zeddy, mama Amina Nyakoa Ibrahim, a mother of 11 residing in Korogocho Slums, in Nairobi who was appealing for help from Kenyans after losing 7 of her kids, with one of the surviving 4 children losing his eyesight.

She narrated that she had gone through a lot with her kids and she was in need of help to be able to cater for their medical attention.


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