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Why Crazy Kennar is asking his fans for help

Crazy Kennar plots comeback after taking break from content creation

Comedian Crazy Kenar

Content creator Kennedy Odhiambo alias Crazy Kennar has thanked everyone who took time to check up on him after taking a break from content creation.

In his message on July 13, Kennar shared his dedication to putting a smile on as many faces as possible and making a positive impact on those who may be struggling with challenges, particularly in mental health.

"I would like to appreciate my fans, friends, family, fellow creatives, corporate, esteemed clients and everyone who has kept tabs on me during this period when I took a sabbatical leave from content creation," he said.


The comedian, who has a total of 4 Pulse Influencer Awards to his belt, added that throughout his career, he had received numerous messages from fans grappling with suicidal thoughts, financial difficulties, and broken hearts.

After realizing that he alone cannot reach out to everyone in need, Kennar called upon his audience to become active participants in spreading hope and happiness.

By sharing the joy they experience through his content with others who may be struggling, Kennar hopes to inspire a culture of compassion and support.

"I need you, people. I desire a family that believes in the well-being of the person next to them," Kennar passionately expressed in his statement.

"Every time I make you smile, share it with a person you feel could be having a problem and just let them know they will be alright," he added.


Crazy Kennar also announced his plans for the rest of the month of July. With the aim of spreading laughter and hope, he pledged to put a smile on his fans' faces each day, inviting them to join him in this collective endeavor.

On Tuesday, July 4, Kennar took to Instagram to share a message that read, "Depression is real."

This came amidst reports of major changes in Kennar's life and unconfirmed rumors of a rift between him and his former castmates, Stanely Omondi and Useful Idioty, Bushra, Yvonne Khisa, and Shiro.


Fans expressed worries about the comedian, speculation rose about the state of his mental health.

However, concerns lingered, as fans feared that the message could reflect genuine struggles he may be facing.


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