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David Moya's alleged sugar mummy finally clarifies nature of their relationship

David Moya's alleged sugar mummy addresses speculations surrounding their relationship

TikToker David Moya & alleged sugar mummy Sofire

TikToker David Moya has found himself at the center of a social media storm as netizens accuse him of being involved with a sugar mummy.

The allegations have been making rounds, suggesting that Moya received his latest car as a gift from his alleged sugar mummy.

However, Moya seems unfazed by the ongoing drama and has chosen not to address the rumors.


Approached by his fans on social media, Moya appeared unbothered and sent a clear message that he does not care about the rumors surrounding him.

Taking to his Instagram account on July 18, Moya stated that he has no intention of clearing any rumors unless they claim he drinks a specific alcoholic beverage.

He emphasized that there is nothing to talk about or clear regarding the sugar mummy allegations and dismissed them as baseless rumors.


"I aint clearing any rumors unless they say i drink ... there is absolutely nothing to clear or talk about. Rumors will remain to be rumours. Haya ni maajabu," Moya wrote.

In an interview with local media houses, David Moya's alleged sugar mummy, known as Sofire on social media, addressed the speculations surrounding their relationship.

Sofire firmly denied any romantic involvement with Moya and clarified that they are simply friends engaged in business activities.


She highlighted that the circulating rumors of a romantic relationship between them are entirely false. According to Sofire, there was a business contract between them that ended, and they parted ways amicably.

She urged people not to pay attention to such rumors and emphasized the importance of love and unity in the industry.

"Kitu ntawaambia wakati wote, don't listen, look. Normally i don't react on rumours, Mliona kuna siku moya alitoka na kusema mi na yeye tun mahusiano? As long as hatujatoka pale tukasema we are dating, hakuna.

"What i can say and maybe advise people, tupendane jamani. I know this industry so well, nikiwa under doesnt mean i don't know," Sofire said.


Sofire expressed her resilience in the face of negative comments and affirmed that they have not affected her in any way.

On the contrary, she stated that she is glowing even more amidst the controversy. Sofire highlighted her understanding of the industry dynamics and made it clear that she and David Moya are business associates and friends.

She urged the public to focus on positivity and unity, emphasizing that personal matters should remain private and not be subject to false speculations.


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