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Details of the Sh9M Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max

The Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max has unique features that define the model

Eliud Kipchoge poses with the Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max

The highly anticipated Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max has finally hit the market, and for those aspiring to own this exclusive model, it comes with a price tag of Sh9 million.

On an exciting Thursday 25 in Nairobi, the automotive world celebrated the unveiling of a remarkable vehicle, paying homage to the illustrious career of Eliud Kipchoge, widely regarded as the greatest marathoner of all time.

This extraordinary automobile represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, unparalleled performance, and the indomitable spirit that Kipchoge exemplifies.


Mr Kevin Ochieng, the Marketing and New Markets Officer at Isuzu East Africa, revealed exciting details about the highly anticipated limited edition D-Max, specially designed to celebrate Eliud Kipchoge and embody his remarkable personality.

This exclusive truck will feature a range of unique additions, tailored specifically to pay tribute to Kipchoge's extraordinary achievements.

One of the standout features of the limited edition D-Max is its captivating exterior. It will be presented in Isuzu's iconic desert orange color, a hue exclusively reserved for the Kipchoge edition.


This vibrant shade symbolizes the energy, passion, and determination that have propelled Kipchoge to greatness.

Additionally, the truck will proudly display the Kenyan flag on its grills, serving as a nod to the nation that has supported Kipchoge throughout his awe-inspiring career.

To further accentuate its unique appeal, the limited edition D-Max will feature matte black rims, borrowing inspiration from the black in the Kenyan flag.


The limited edition D-Max truck, paying tribute to Eliud Kipchoge, will embody his persona in every detail, both inside and out.

Five of Kipchoge's iconic personas will be featured prominently on the truck, along with logos associated with him.

These additions will include his signature and the remarkable time of 1:59, which he famously clocked, unofficially breaking the world record by completing a marathon in under two hours.

Stepping inside the vehicle, owners will be greeted by Kipchoge's signature on the rocker door panels, placed just before they enter the vehicle.

As they settle into the driver's seat, they will also find his signature on the back of the center console, serving as a constant reminder of the exceptional athlete who inspired this exclusive edition.


The interior mats of the limited edition D-Max will be adorned with Kipchoge's name on the top left, adding a personalized touch to the cabin.

The first vehicle, belonging to Kipchoge himself, will bear the engraved label 'Kipchoge 001'. For subsequent buyers, the mats will be serialized and engraved with numbers ranging from 002 to 059, reflecting the exclusivity of each individual truck.

Moving on to the vehicle's specifications, the limited edition D-Max will be equipped with an Intelligent Driver Assist System, designed to seamlessly integrate the driver and the machine.


This advanced system synchronizes the driving experience, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

In the event of an emergency brake situation, the Intelligent Driver Assist System will autonomously engage the brakes, ensuring a controlled stop without skidding or coming into close proximity with other road users.

This feature adds an extra layer of confidence and safety for drivers, giving them peace of mind on the road.

Furthermore, the limited edition D-Max will be equipped with forward collision obstacle detection technology.


The vehicle will have the ability to detect obstacles in front of the driver, and through the Forward Collision Obstacle Alert, it will warn the driver to exercise caution.

The system can provide guidance on how to proceed or, if necessary, take automatic corrective action to avoid a collision.

Among its impressive features, the limited edition D-Max truck will incorporate Misacceleration Mitigation, a system designed to prevent driver errors.

This intelligent feature will alert the driver if they mistakenly input the wrong commands, such as engaging 'Drive' instead of 'Reverse'. The vehicle will not move until the correct gear is selected, ensuring safe and controlled maneuvers.


In addition, the limited edition D-Max will be equipped with an Adaptive Autocruise Control system, enhancing the driving experience and safety on the road.

This advanced technology ensures that the vehicle maintains a speed matching the vehicle in front of it, creating a synchronized flow of traffic.

Whether it's increasing or decreasing the speed, the Adaptive Autocruise Control system seamlessly adjusts to the traffic conditions, providing convenience and peace of mind during long journeys or in congested areas.


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