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Directive Ruto has given regarding Miracle Baby's health care

President William Ruto comes through for Miracle Baby

Peter Miracle Baby from Gengetone group Sailors Gang

President William Ruto has stepped forward to pay the medical bills of ailing Mugiithi artist Peter Mwangi, aka Miracle Baby.

The news was delivered to his partner Carol Katrue and his mother on March 5, by a group of entertainers lead by Karangu Muraya, Jaguar, Chipukeezy and others.

Miracle Baby's health problems date back to 2018 when he underwent a misdiagnosed appendectomy.


President Ruto has also ordered that the artiste be transferred from Kiambu Level Five Hospital to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

According to Muraya, the president directed that going forward he shall pay for Miracle Baby's medical fees, telling the family not to conduct anymore fundraisers.

Jaguar added that "The president will take care of the bills as of now. We have been raising funds to support the family, but the bills continue to soar even after he was discharged.”

President Ruto also donated Sh300,000 directly to Miracle Baby's family to support themselves.

The former Sailors Gang member had been in the hospital for two months and was released after intervention by comedian Eric Omondi.


In a heartwarming show of solidarity, online well-wishers raised over Sh1 million in February to support Miracle Baby's recovery.

After spending weeks in hospital with the bill running into millions and with the public intervening, Miracle Baby was still left with a bill of Sh1.4 million that needed to be cleared before he could walk out of hospital.

The Omondi took up the matter and mobilized his Sisi Kwa Sisi team to raise funds that saw the bill finally settled.

Omondi shared the good news on Miracle Baby’s discharge and thanked fans and the public who contributed to the initiative, including through prayers.


According to his partner Carol Katrue, Miracle Baby has been grappling with intestinal obstruction since 2018, a condition that was initially treated, and the appendix removed, although they were not informed of the procedure.

During the initial treatment, Katrue added that the doctors informed them of growth on the intestines that needed removal, which later turned out to be inaccurate.

"When they conducted the CT scan and identified a growth, they performed surgery to remove it. However, upon realizing there was no actual growth, they removed the appendix without informing us," explained Katrue.

Miracle Baby seemed fine until 2023 when his stomach problems resurfaced. Throughout this period, he would visit the hospital for treatment and then return home.


It was during these visits that they discovered the earlier hospital had not performed the treatment correctly, leading to the recurrence of the issue.

The artiste's family has been spending more than Sh20,000 a day to meet his basic needs and care for his post-operative wounds.


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