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Eric Omondi praised for intervention that finally saw Miracle Baby discharged from hospital

"Our brother is out of hospital after 60 days," Eric Omondi celebrated shortly after Peter Miracle Baby was finally discharged from hospital on Friday evening

Comedian Eric Omondi during a livestream on his social media channels on August 25, 2023

Comedian-turned philanthropist Eric Omondi has been praised for intervening to have renowned singer Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby discharged from hospital.

After spending weeks in hospital with the bill running into millions and with the public intervening, Miracle Baby was still left with a bill of Sh1.4 million that needed to be cleared before he could walk out of hospital.

The comedian took up the matter and mobilized his Sisi Kwa Sisi team to raise funds that saw the bill finally settled on Friday evening.

Omondi shared the good news on Miracle Baby’s discharge and thanked fans and the public who contributed to the initiative, including through prayers.


"GOD IS HAPPY!!! MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE that Sent ANYTHING...God sees you. Our Brother is out of Hospital after 60 days because of you. TEAM SISI KWA SISI Yaani mkisemanga ni leo lazima ikue leo🙏🙏🙏," Eric Omondi stated.

It was all song, dance and cheer as Peter Miracle Baby finally walked out of hospital with Eric Omondi capturing the moment on camera and sharing the video on social media.

Appeal for more help and praises for Carol Katrue


He also appreciated Carol Katrue for remaining steadfast and standing by her man through the days when he was in hospital at a time when women who have been claiming to have children sired by Miracle Baby allegedly disappeared.

"A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Miracle baby's wife Carol Katrue, yaani huyu msichana aliamua lazima bwana yake arudi home, alikaa naye mchana na usiku," he said.

The former Churchill Show comedian noted that having been out of work for four months battling health challenges, there was need for well-wishers to continue supporting Miracle Baby.

"GOD BLESS YOU GUYS. @petermiraclebaby has not been working for the past 4 months you can still send something for him and the Family through his wife Carol on 0794790255 ((NAME: CAROL MBUTHIA)."

Praises for Eric Omondi


Netizens heaped praises on Eric for using his fame and celebrity status to come through for those in dire need.

Many spoke blessings on him, recounting the countless cases that the self-declared President of comedy in Africa has intervened in.

Below are some reactions.

gerry.njuguna: Eric ama wewe ni yesu you've been living amongst us?

jimmykimaita: May God grant you more life so that you can serve his people 🙌🔥🔥❤️


timelessnoel: God bless you @ericomondi 🙏

carolin_muthoni: You are a blessing to so many people 🙏❤️

njeri_ithagariene: 😢😢😢Thank you Eric 😢

djtushuntamed: Man with a golden heart... uzidishiwe Rico

_johake: Wow, just wow , more life to you Eric🙌 and every team kwa sisi member ❤️🙌


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