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DNA speaks on remarrying

DNA says he has met amazing and lovely women in his life


Denis Kaggia alias DNA has talked about his life while on Cate Rira's podcast and he answered a few questions when he was asked about his love life.

The 'Banjuka' singer has put it clear that he has no intentions of walking down the aisle despite having children already.

DNA upon being asked about his love life admitted that he has enjoyed life, and been in long-term relationships but life but he always misses out on having the whole plate at the end of it all.

"I've met lovely women in my life, I've met very amazing women, I've been in long-term relationships, sadly for me I don't get to have the whole plate," said DNA.


DNA added that he was the problem all along since he thought that he knew too much and he couldn't see himself in a pure relationship when he was asked to explain more about his relationships.

"I feel like I knew too much and I was too experienced to be in a pure relationship. I was impure," added DNA.

DNA however regrets not giving all of his children what he could have loved to give them like seeing them every day but he has come to terms with what life offers.


DNA opened up at the beginning of the podcast that he has gone through the self-actualization process and Cate wanted to know if he can now get married after seeing what life can offer.

The former singer still insists that he can't see himself walking with a lady to the sunset because he thinks that his energies are too potent to be with one person.

"I don't believe I will ever see myself living with a lady. I don't see myself holding hands and walking to the sunset with a lady.


The more I look at myself now, I think maybe my energies are too potent to be with one person," explained DNA.

He however thanked the mother of his two daughters for always being there and making their co-parenting easy.

DNA concluded that dads are everything when it comes to bringing up children and he stated that all the problems in this world are linked to a father figure.

He defended his allegations by stating that he has seen the results of lacking a father figure and that is why he is divine when it comes to children having a good environment while growing up.


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