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Butita reveals harsh realities comedians faced behind Churchill Show's glamour

Butita clarified that not the entire Churchill's team had problems and that he has no problem with Churchill

Comedian and film maker Eddie Butita
  • Churchill Show served as a crucial stepping stone for numerous comedians, propelling them into the limelight
  • Butita revealed that despite delivering stellar performances, he was relegated to Churchill Raw for a prolonged period
  • Butita said that those who once hindered the growth of top comedians might now seek their help but find themselves in no position to do so.

In a candid revelation, celebrated comedian and filmmaker Eddie Butita has opened up about the unseen struggles and gatekeeping within Churchill Show.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Butita shared insights that many comedians have shied away from discussing publicly, shedding light on the dark underbelly of one of Kenya's most beloved comedy platforms.


Butita, known for his sharp wit and impeccable comedic timing, did not hold back as he delved into the complexities and hurdles that talented comedians faced behind the scenes.

"I will forgive them for everything but i will forgive them for everything but one ntadisagree na watu ni vile watu fulani wanagate keep iyo space mpaka mtu unaogopa kuwa mnoma. Infact mimi ni victim wa kuteseka juu najua kufanya kitu," he said.


Despite delivering consistently great performances, Butita disclosed how he was confined to Churchill Raw, a subsidiary of the main show, for an extended period.

"For one year kuna msee alinsisist nkue Churchill Raw badala ya Churchill Show yet nlikua na good performances every week but anakataa kabisa ananiambia tunataka ukuwe king wa raw," he said.

This decision, according to Butita, hindered his growth and exposure, illustrating the power dynamics at play within the show's hierarchy.

Butita's journey was further complicated by a lack of support and negative energy from certain members of the Churchill Show team.


"Had I had the right energy and support around me, I would have gotten to the top much faster," he stated, pointing out how internal politics and personal vendettas can stifle talent and ambition.

Despite these challenges, Churchill Show remains a significant platform that has launched the careers of many comedians.


Butita's revelations provide a bittersweet perspective on what many perceive as a golden opportunity.

The show has been a stepping stone for comedians who have gone on to diversify their careers, but Butita's experiences highlight the need for transparency, support, and fairness in the industry.

Recently Butita launched season two of 'A Nurse Toto', a show he has produced.


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