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10 comedians who launched careers on Churchill

YY and 9 other comedians who launched their careers on the Churchill Show

From left: Sammy Kioko, Mammito Eunice, Nasra Yusuf and Comedian YY

Before COVID-19, only a handful of comedians possessed dedicated platforms through which they could share their content.

However, with the advent of the pandemic and its widespread impact on the entertainment industry, a stark realisation emerged: individuals in the entertainment sector needed to explore alternative revenue streams due to the absence of live events and gigs.

Within the realm of comedy, artists who were affiliated with Churchill Ndambuki began embarking on individual projects, recording their performances and disseminating clips across various platforms.


Conversely, those who had previously established a presence on YouTube found themselves at an advantage.

They were better positioned to generate income through the platform, which enabled them to sustain their livelihoods, particularly during the challenging times of 2020.

The following are comedians who have successful YouTube channels, all of whom were once part of the 'Churchill Show.'


Comedian YY has cultivated a flourishing career in comedy, with his trajectory originating from his involvement in the 'Churchill Show.'

YY indisputably ranked among the prominent figures within the show, consistently delivering impressive performances whenever granted an opportunity on the platform.

Nevertheless, the comedian has ventured into his own YouTube channel, employing it as a means to regale his fans with a ceaseless stream of side-splitting videos.

It's entirely justifiable to assert that Churchill's influence played a pivotal role in shaping YY's career, significantly contributing to his ascent into becoming a household name within the industry.


Professor Hamo and Jemutai witnessed their careers ascend to new heights following their debut on the 'Churchill Show.'

Initially, their dynamics remained unknown to the public until Jemutai revealed that Hamo was a deadbeat father.

The two subsequently resolved their differences through private means, long before they began collaborating on content together.


This collaboration took place during a period when the 'Churchill Show' was not yet fully back on air following the impact of Covid-19.

When MCA Tricky first appeared on Churchill, he was associated with being a street boy due to the character that he was playing on stage.

As days went by, people became fond of him being his jokes were relatable and he was also using the daily life experiences on Kenyan streets to crack jokes.


Having launched a successful career on Churchill, Tricky now maintains a YouTube channel where he shares his humorous content from time to time.

Tom Daktari and Sammy Kioko shared a history from before their days as comedians on the 'Churchill Show.'

Upon joining the 'Churchill Show', they embarked on a collaborative content creation journey, spanning from their school days' chronicles to humorous TikTok clips.


Kioko initiated his YouTube presence in 2017, but his videos struggled to amass substantial views until November 2015 when he began producing content alongside Tom.

On the other hand, Tom Daktari established his YouTube account in 2017; however, it wasn't until 2019, following a significant uptick in his comedy career, that his videos started garnering considerable viewership.

Kioko and Tom's comedy careers soared to greater heights after they made consecutive appearances on Churchill.

Presently, they co-host Kamba comedy shows and have also secured endorsements due to their consistent dedication to their work.


Eddie Butita is currently acclaimed as one of Kenya's finest scriptwriters, a journey that can be traced back to his roots in the 'Churchill Show.'

In 2015, Butita was in the process of establishing himself in the realm of comedy, and it didn't take him long to master the art of self-sufficiency.

Following his departure from Churchill, Butita delved into producing original content, with his latest drama series 'A Nurse Toto' standing as a testament to his prowess as a skilled scriptwriter.


Nasra Yusuf stands out as one of the few women who have achieved success as a comedian on the 'Churchill Show', and she fully maximized the opportunity.

In 2023, Nasra successfully hosted comedy events under her name, attracting fellow comedians who have come out to show their support.

Throughout her tenure with Churchill, Nasra adeptly converted everyday life experiences into humor, a skill she maintains through her present-day TikTok videos.


Mammito Eunice ranks among the most accomplished female comedians in the country, and like Nasra, she emerged from the Churchill Show.

'Churchill Show' served as a launchpad for Mammito, creating opportunities for her solo performances, with remarkable turnouts.

Beyond hosting her comedy shows, Mammito is a YouTube content creator and occasionally collaborates with Awinja to craft amusing content that resonates with audiences.


Before joining Churchill, Shitti was part of a comedy group that auditioned for the show; however, he was the sole member to secure a spot on the prominent platform.

Upon entering Churchill, Shitti's accent and eloquent word delivery resonated well with the audience, resulting in easy rapport.

In a short period, Shitti secured a role on 'Real Housewives of Kawangware' and subsequently launched his YouTube channel.


Since his departure from Churchill, his YouTube channel has flourished, propelling his comedy to new heights through extended clips and enhancing his comedic prowess.

During his time with Churchill, Nicki Bigfish was a member of the Ribcrackers group, known for humorously portraying practical life situations through their jokes.

As his comedy career soared, Bigfish transitioned to creating solo content, and he currently enjoys significant success on TikTok with his prank videos.


Surprisingly, even though people are aware of his pranks, they consistently find themselves ensnared, particularly in the CBD where he masterfully stages sudden appearances.


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