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How a loan from Churchill launched Eddie Butita's career at 24

From borrower to star! How a loan transformed Eddie Butita's career at 24

Eddie Butita and Churchil Ndambuki

Kenyan comedian and content creator Eddie Butita recently took to Instagram to celebrate and appreciate the iconic Churchill Ndambuki on his birthday.

Eddie, who owes his comedy career's inception to Churchill, used this special occasion to express his deep gratitude for the opportunities and mentorship he received from the comedy legend.

In his message, Eddie Butita began by acknowledging Churchill's pivotal role in his life. He described Churchill as his destiny helper, recalling the various milestones and support he received from the comedy guru.


Eddie started by highlighting the incredible trust Churchill had in him by giving him the role of Head of Digital at the Laugh Industry at the young age of 21.

This opportunity marked the beginning of Eddie's journey in the world of comedy and entertainment.

Eddie also shared that his very first comedy opportunity came when he was just 18 years old, thanks to Churchill's guidance and mentorship.


At 23, he was entrusted with the position of Creative Director. Churchill's faith in Eddie's abilities and potential paved the way for his career in the entertainment industry.

"Happy Birthday Mwalimu Churchill, my destiny helper the first person to employ me as Head of Digital Laugh Industry at 21 years old first comedy opportunity at 18 years old creative director at 23 years old," Butita wrote.


One remarkable gesture that Eddie Butita fondly remembered as the first loan he received from Churchill to organise an event at the age of 24.

He expressed his commitment to repaying the loan, and this experience marked the start of his remarkable journey toward greatness.

He also highlighted the significance of Churchill's role in his life and the lives of countless others. Butita emphasised that Churchill deserved a chapter in his book due to the influential impact he had on him.

While acknowledging that no one is perfect, Eddie underlined the importance of understanding that humanity exists for others.


He drew inspiration from Churchill's legacy of offering opportunities and mentorship to aspiring comedians, acknowledging that Churchill's kindness had a ripple effect on numerous lives.

"You gave me the first loan to organise an event at 24 na nikalipa by the way, and that was the beginning of greatness. You deserve a chapter in my book, as you grow older I learn one important lesson from you," he wrote.

Eddie proudly mentioned that he now has over 30 people working directly and indirectly with him. These individuals have all been indirectly influenced by Churchill's willingness to give him a chance in the comedy industry.


Churchill's mentorship and support to Eddie allowed him to grow in the entertainment sector, and this success opened doors for others to participate in the industry.

"No one is perfect, but one perfect thing about humanity is understanding that we were born for others," he wrote.

Eddie concluded his message by wishing Churchill a happy birthday. He acknowledged Churchill's immense contributions to the world of comedy and entertainment, referring to him as tajiri (rich).

"I have over 30 people working with me directly and indirectly, those are the lives you have impacted indirectly when you gave me a chance. Greatness siku zote, happy birthday tajiri ningekutumia pesa lakini kitu ya muhimu nikuambia Mungu akulinde," he wrote.


In addition to his successful comedy career, Eddie Butita has ventured into the world of digital media and owns a digital media house.

Churchill Ndambuki, popularly known as Mwalimu Churchill, is a revered figure in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

He is known for his pioneering work in comedy, particularly for creating platforms like 'The Churchill Show', which has provided a stage for numerous comedians and artists to showcase their talents.


Churchill's mentorship, encouragement, and investment in emerging talent have played a significant role in the growth of Kenya's comedy industry.


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