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Emotions run high as Shosh Wa Kinangop is laid to rest

The late Shosh Wa Kinangop gained fame for her impersonation of Marcus Rashford from Manchester United

The late Shosh Wa Kinangop

The late Shosh Wa Kinangop will be laid to rest today, on June 12. Emotions ran high as her close relatives and friends lined up to view her body.

However, her grandson, who was fond of her and often did videos with her, couldn't bear to see his grandmother in a coffin and fainted while viewing the body.

Fortunately, there were people nearby who noticed and quickly grabbed him, helping him off the ground and taking him to another location.


Later, the young man was seen in the company of two ladies who were consoling him shortly before the body was transported from the mortuary.

As her body was carried to a hearse, which was waiting nearby, other people who were present couldn't hold back their tears. The sight of the procession deeply moved them, and their emotions overflowed.

Blogger Trudy Kitui had the opportunity to visit the family, where she met Shosh's firstborn, who explained the cause of her death.


According to Shosh's daughter, the late Shosh Wa Kinangop started complaining of chest pains in February, although she also mentioned that her mother had been in poor health prior to that.

She added that her late mother also experienced other complications, such as swollen legs. However, she speculated that the swelling could be due to the change in weather, as her mother had recently moved from Thika to Kinangop.

Shosh Wa Kinangop was taken to the hospital, where it was later determined that she had fluid accumulation around her heart. Her daughter stated that it was this condition that ultimately led to her passing.


Shosh Wa Kinangop captured the attention of football fans, particularly those who support Manchester United, as she mimicked Marcus Rashford.

In her videos, she would portray herself as playing football, scoring goals, and celebrating just like Rashford.

After scoring, she would run and point her fingers towards her head, a celebration that Rashford uses to raise awareness about mental health.

She died aged 74 years.


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