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Eric Omondi steals the show at Luo Brunch as he lands in a Chopper [Video]

Being a Luo is a lifestyle

Eric Omondi lands at Moran Lounge for Luo Brunch in a Chopper

They say Luo is not a tribe but a Software, you just Download. On Sunday, President of Comedy Africa Eric Omondi stole the show at the Luo Brunch, after landing at the event in a Chopper.

Videos seen by Pulse Live, captures Omondi arriving at the event in style, attracting all the attention to himself as he makes a statement in the comedy industry.

The funnyman who was among the headliners of the event, made sure that revealers who had turned up to have a good time, could witness his spectacular entry at the event.


In an interview with Eve Munagi while at the Luo Brunch, Omondi claimed that he owns two choppers.

“Ziko Chopper Mbili, Kuna ya biashara na sasa hii ni personal. Hiyo Chopper umeona hapo ni yangu ya President, hakuna President in the whole world Mwenye hana Ndege. People show not be shocked because it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Nilibuy one month ago na hapa ndo ilikuwa mahali pa kulaunch. Hii Helicopter utaiona Mara mingi sana” said Omondi.

Others who were out to entertainer revealers that the Luo Brunch that went down at the Moran Lounge-Kiambu Rd were; Jalang’o, Emmav Jalamo, Elisha Toto, DJ Tibz, DJ Joe Mfalme, Sparky Nderu, Jay the DJ and DJ Rigz.

However, a cross check done by Pulse Live, reveal's that the chopper in question belongs to the Devki Group under the leadership of Dr Narendra Raval.



It’s among the five helicopters owned by the company. The chopper has also been spotted with a number of celebrities' and politicians among them; Rev. Lucy Natasha, Boni Khalwale, Speaer Justin Muturi, Isaac Ruto among others.


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