Tahidi High's Miss Morgan to unveil own show weeks after opening up on battling Depression and Alcoholism

Since I came out with my Issue with Depression & battling Alcoholism, I got very beautiful feedback

Tahidi High's Miss Morgan to unveil own show weeks after opening up on battling Depression and Alcoholism

Former Tahidi High Actress Angela Waruinge popularly known as Miss Morgan is gearing up for the launch of own show that will airing on her YouTube Channel.

In a 1-mute sneak Peek seen by Pulse Live, Miss Morgan mentioned that she opted to go the YouTube way, weeks after receiving very positive feedback after going public with her battle with Depression and Alcoholism.

“For a long time now I have been wishing to open a YouTube Channel, more so because ever since I came out and talked about my issue with Depression and battling Alcoholism and I got a very beautiful feedback form you and the things you people called me and talked about. Really inspired me, the questions were overwhelming and I have come to realize that Depression is something that we really don’t know how to tackle as Africans yet it’s out.

But I will tell you ever since I came to and talked about it things have been different, I have been happier" said Miss Morgan.

Miss Morgan’s bold step to unveil her own platform where she will be tackling issues related to depression and her craft come weeks after she went public with her struggles with Alcohol addiction and being Depressed.

On March 10, 2021 in an inter with Hiram Maina, Ms Waruinge said that she resorted to alcohol when things did not go according to her plan.

"I basically went through it. What happens when you start becoming famous, you start living this life, you start becoming broke, but you still have to live to that expectation. Then you start living an empty life"

"So, when you start living an empty life, what happens? You start getting stressed… I went through depression. And depression can take you to alcohol. Some other people will just hide in the Christian faith. I embraced alcoholism at some point but luckily I had a strong family and friends who noticed what was happening to me," Miss Morgan.

The actress went on to say; "I am a single mum to an eight-year-old girl. When I look at my life she is the only thing I did right. If she was not there, we would be talking of a different story. I feel blessed having her in my life."

Former Tahidi High Actors; Omosh, Dennis Mugo aka OJ and Bernard Mwangi aka Mr. Mweposi have also opened up on battling Depression and Alcoholism.


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