Exposed: The surgery Wema Sepetu underwent to lose Weight (Video)

Wema used to lie that she used slimming pills to lose weight

Wema Sepetu comes clean on tremendous weight loss (Video)

Bongo Movie actress Wema Sepetu has been exposed for living a lie over her tremendous weight loss journey that raised eyebrows among her fans and followers.

On June 23rd, 2021 a Kenyan Company identified as Viva Serenity put up a video documenting Wema Sepetu’s weight loss journey, with a revelation that she underwent a mini gastric bypass surgery back in 2018, after signing up with them as a Brand Ambassador.

In the YouTube video, the Kenyan company explains that's they footed all bills related to Wema’s Mini Gastric Bypass surgery.

Earlier on, Wema Sepetu had told her fans that she used pills from China to lose weight.

“Like many, Wema Sepetu struggled with obesity for a while. It is until she met Viva Serenity that she finally found a solution. She signed a brand ambassadorship agreement and began her weight loss journey by setting in place a plan to undergo the Mini Gastric Bypass surgery.

Viva Serenity, a renowned medical tourism company, facilitated her travel and surgery, from her flight bookings and transfers, passport and visa processing, the weight loss surgery, and post-treatment care. All medical and travel expenses were fully paid for by Viva Serenity” reads a description on the YouTube Video.

“…Wema Enjoyed full sponsorship and all cost related to her weight loss journey covered by Viva Serenity. On Friday, 25th May 2018 Wema arrived in Nairobi I on Business Ticket form Dar es salaam and booked at the Ole Sereni Hotel"

In the video, Wema underwent the mini surgery at a time she was weighing 106Kg, confessing that she never saw her herself weigh over 80Kg.

The Lies

In 2019, Wema Sepetu said that she was using slimming pills from China in her quest to lose weight and was happy with the results.

In an interview with a local daily, Ms Sepetu said that in 2018 during her visit to India for checkup to access her fertility levels, the doctor advised that she loses some fat in order to get pregnant.

“Sijawahi kukataa utumbo wangu kama watu wanavyosema, kwenda kwangu India ilikuwa ni kwa ajili ya matibabu ya tumbo langu. Alafu coming back ma daktari walinimbia kuwa I neeed to lose some weight, coz sometime kizazi kinakuwa kinasaraundiwa na a lot fats, whivch makes it impposible kushika mimba. So it’s just eating right, na pia kuna vidonge nimekuwa natumia, kusuppress appetite, some medicine hapa na pale. Kuna vidonge nimekuwa natumia siwezi kukataa hilo, alafu na stress za hapa na pale” said Wema Sepetu.

However, it now clear that Wema underwent a Mini Gastric Bypass surgery.



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