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Ezekiel Mutua Promises to help Embarambamba Financially after his NTV Interview

You sound ok, but your theatrics are embarrassing & must be moderated! - Ezekiel Mutua

Ezekiel Mutua weighs in on Embarambamba's antics

KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua still continues to weigh in on the theatrics of trendy Kisii Gospel singer Christopher Musioma aka Chris Embarambamba.

Embarambamba had appeared on NTV’s The Trend Friday night and in the interview had disclosed that he started out to enable him get money to get through life.

In the interview, the singer also disclosed that he once fell inside a pit latrine during one of his skits, “Kuna siku nilianguka kwa shimo la choo nikitumbuiza watu. Choo ya shule ilikuwa imeanguka na nyasi imemea juu yake, nilifikiri ulikuwa uwanja.


The singer’s interview prompted ‘moral cop’ Ezekiel Mutua to reach out to the singer promising that he would ’help’ Embarambamba and that the singer didn't have to ‘do this madness for likes on social media.’

“Embarambamba on the Trend on NTV, says his theatrics are because of poverty. He's asking for help. Bro come, let's talk. You don't have to do this madness for likes on social media. Come let's find a way out. You sound ok, but ur theatrics are embarrassing & must be moderated!,” read Mutua’s post.

Embarambamba has recently been on Mutua’s radar with the KFCB boss claiming that the singer could be a danger to himself and fans might be cheering him to self-destruction.

The singer had also challenged Mutua to support local talent instead of criticizing him.


In the past few months, Embarambamba has been making headlines with his videos; dancing, rolling in mad and climbing trees among other stunts.

Nguzo Africa, a community development agency launched a petition to have Embarambamba stopped from doing his stunts terming them dangerous.


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