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Frida Ongili on why she has never given up on hubby Babu Owino

Wife of MP Babu Owino speaks on his controversial lifestyle

Babu Owino and his wife Frida Muthoni Ongili,

Frida Muthoni Ongili, wife to Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino has, for the first time, touched on why she has never given up on her husband despite all the controversy.

“Why did you choose to marry this controversial man? You hear Babu Owino this, Owino that but you don’t give up on him. Why?" posed Babu Owino who was doing the interview.

Mrs Ongili responded explaining that her hubby is a good man, with a heart of gold.

“You are a good man (that sums it all). You have a heart of gold and I was able to see that (somehow) from the first day I met you. I could tell that you are a good man. You used to tell me you are like a coconut - soft on the inside. I always saw your goodness and the fact that I was understanding of your background. How many of us make it out of a slum?


“What people see, a lot of what you do or say I know that it’s not a true reflection of who you are. You are endlessly a good person and that is what I love most about you,” said Frida Ongili in part.

Frida also pointed out that she admires how her hubby works with people out of his goodness and kindness.

"Some people see that every single day and you impact so many peoples lives that sometimes I even don’t know about. You surprise me every day and I look up to you and your goodness and kindness.

"The way you never give up (You are so courageous), you fall down you pick yourself up again. All of you Beb!” narrated Mrs Ongili.


The legislator interjected the conversation saying; “The first day I met you, I knew that you were going to be my wife and that was 12 years ago”.

Frida is an entrepreneur who owns a fashion house in Nairobi.

“I decided to pursue my passion in fashion and that why I started my own fashion brand,” Frida said.

Babu Owino met his wife Frida Muthoni when they were still schooling at the University of Nairobi (UoN).




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