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Kamusinga School principal excites netizens with 'miondoko' moves alongside students [Video]

Donned in the school's uniform the principal joined the students on stage, swaying to the beats of the popular Gengetone track 'Miondoko.'

Kamusinga Principal showing off dance moves

Principal Paul Weloba of Friends School Kamusinga recently showcased how good his dance moves are capturing the hearts of netizens during a school event.

In a video that circulated on social media, Weloba enthusiastically joined the students on stage, swaying to the beats of the popular Gengetone track 'Miondoko.'

Donned in the school's uniform—a crisp white short-sleeved shirt adorned with the institution's emblem, paired with smart black trousers and a tie—the principal effortlessly transitioned through various dance routines, displaying his remarkable camaraderie with the students.

As the video gained momentum online, a wave of congratulatory messages flooded various social media platforms, commending Principal Weloba for his exceptional leadership style.


Many netizens praised his ability to foster a positive and inclusive school environment, with some urging educators across the country to emulate his approach to fostering strong student-teacher relationships.

Expressing their awe at the principal's swift integration into the school community, given his recent arrival at the institution in January, online users highlighted the importance of such interactions in alleviating the academic stress faced by the Form Four students, especially as they brace themselves for the upcoming Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

Former students of Weloba also took to social media to share their admiration for their former teacher, fondly describing him as an amiable and approachable mentor.

This outpouring of support from both current and former students attests to the profound impact that Principal Weloba has had on the school community, underscoring the significance of fostering a positive and nurturing learning environment.


As the school gears up for the upcoming KCSE examinations, Principal Weloba's heartwarming gesture serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of strong bonds between educators and students.

His infectious enthusiasm and commitment to fostering a vibrant school culture have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Friends School Kamusinga, setting an inspiring example for educators nationwide.


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