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Gilad Millo's son jets back home to join military amid Israel-Palestine tensions

Gilad's son Omer trained with the Israeli Defence Forces in 2019 where he trained as a paratrooper

Singer Gilad Milo pens down emotional message to son as he joins Israel Defense Forces

In the wake of the recent surge in tensions between Palestinian militant groups and Israel, acclaimed Israeli-Kenyan musician, Gilad Millo, took to social media to share a message reflecting the impact of the conflict on his family.

In an Instagram video, Gilad conveyed a personal account of the situation, detailing how his son, Omer, had made the courageous decision to return to Israel and join his paratrooper unit as an IDF reservist.

"Our son Omer landed in Israel to join his paratrooper unit as a reservist in @idf," Gilad shared in his touching message.

Despite the challenges posed by flight cancellations and the escalating crisis, Omer found a way to make his way back to his homeland to serve alongside his sister, Lia, who is also a soldier in the IDF.


Lia had been actively involved in training combat medical teams in preparation for the ongoing conflict.

The decision made by Omer and Lia to serve in the Israeli army stemmed from a deep sense of duty and responsibility.

Having grown up in Kenya, the siblings have been deeply affected by the tragic events that have unfolded, having lost friends and acquaintances in the devastating attacks.


Gilad and his wife expressed their profound pride and admiration for their children, acknowledging their remarkable strength and character.

"Kids your Mother and I are as proud as any parent can be of their children for the incredible human beings you have become our hearts are full," Gilad shared.

Gilad concluded his message with a heartfelt prayer for the safety and well-being of Omer, Lia, and all those involved in the ongoing conflict.


Gilad's son joined the Israeli Military in 2019 a moment that was hard for the ex-Israeli head of mission as he had to part with his firstborn child.

Gilad's son recently was enlisted in the Paratroopers Brigade. The Paratroopers Brigade, also recognized as the 35th Brigade was established in September 1948, forming an essential part of the Infantry Corps.

Its soldiers are identifiable by their distinctive maroon berets adorned with the infantry pin and reddish-brown boots.

In Israel, military service is mandatory for all citizens, with only a few exceptions. The brigade holds admission processes twice a year, in April and December. Gilad Millo's son successfully joined the brigade during the December intake.


For male recruits, the age requirement ranges from 18 to 23, with a service duration of two years and eight months. Female recruits must be between 18 and 22 years old and serve for two years.


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