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TikTok suspends account of viral Kenyan lady who locked 'Kanjo' in her car

Gloria Ntazola claims she had done nothing wrong when the Kanjo officer hopped into her car.

Gloria Ntazola and the Kanjo that she recorded

On Thursday, a video of Gloria Ntazola confronting a city county official (Kanjo) who entered her vehicle without permission gained significant attention.

In the video, she passionately criticised the official for not seeking her consent before entering her vehicle, a charge he seemingly ignored.

Ntazola has now broken her silence on the incident, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the video.


On October 19, Ntazola revealed that the TikTok account she used to share the viral video had been suspended due to the incident.

"Hi guys, so wametoa account yangu, Sina account yangu ya TikTok tena because of that kanjo incident. That's okay but that guy entered my car forcefully without my permission. I was just trying to park my car," Ntazola said.

Despite losing her account, she stated that she had at least raised awareness about the actions of city council officials and what they often do to people out there.


"How they treat people is not cool. I will be taking a break from TikTok. That was too much," she said.

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Gloria shared a video that quickly caught the attention of Kenyans as she attempted to question a county officer who entered her car without explanation.

The situation escalated as she locked the car doors and insisted on taking the officer to her house.

The officer appeared bewildered, trying to shield his face from the camera, and pleaded with her to let him go.


He questioned why she was doing that to him, but Gloria was defensive, stating that she was trying to park her car, and this officer just jumped in. The city inspector politely told Gloria that she could have at least notified him.

Gloria said that she was going to go with him to Ngong Town just to teach him a lesson, and she screamed, stating that these city inspectors are fond of harassing Kenyans.

The city inspector begged to be let go, but his plea fell on deaf ears since Gloria just drove while berating him.

Gloria told him that she was going to stay with him until the following day since he wanted to sit in her car.


As things escalated, the city inspector called one of his colleagues to notify him of his whereabouts, revealing that they were on State House Road.

Moments later, the video showed them driving on the Nairobi Expressway, and Gloria was still expressing her grievances about the unjust treatment she had experienced.


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