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DJ Mo finally speaks about alleged beef with DJ Sadic

DJ Sadic and DJ Mo cemented their names at the height of Kenya's urban gospel scene

A collage of DJ Sadic and DJ Mo

In the Kenyan urban gospel scene, two figures have stood out prominently, shaping the beats and rhythms that define this vibrant music genre.

DJ Mo and DJ Sadic, both pioneers in their field, have not only dominated gospel shows on TV and embarked on nationwide tours but have also garnered numerous accolades, solidifying their status as key influencers in the gospel music industry.

Despite their towering achievements, rumours of a rift between these two iconic deejays have swirled among their fanbase, suggesting a possible 'beef' that could have soured their longstanding partnership.

However, in a revealing interview on TV47, DJ Mo set the record straight, offering a glimpse into the depth of their relationship and collaborative journey.


"We have been friends from day one, you know I started deejaying a year before him because he was finishing form four before he started deejaying.

"I even taught the advanced side of deejaying, we joined System Unit together and slowly we even developed an academy," DJ Mo shared.

As they progressed in their careers, DJ Mo played a pivotal role in helping DJ Sadic get accustomed to the industry's demands and intricacies.


This mentorship extended to their time at System Unit, where they not only honed their skills but also ventured into nurturing talent through an academy they developed together.

Despite taking different paths later on, with DJ Sadic founding Genius Entertainment Group, DJ Mo emphasised that their bond remains unbroken.

"There's no beef between us. In fact, we're in talks about him assisting me with training, given his change in physique," DJ Mo added, dispelling any notions of discord.


Adding a new dimension to their multi-faceted careers, DJ Mo, alongside his wife Size 8, a renowned gospel artist, is set to launch a reality TV show titled 'Love in the Wild.'

Slated to premiere on January 11 on TV47, the show promises to delve into the lives of celebrity couples, exploring the triumphs and challenges they face in their relationships.


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