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Harmonize shows off huge Tattoo of Magufuli’s Face on his Leg (Photo)

Konde Boy pays tribute to late Magufuli with a huge Tattoo

Harmonize and the late Magufuli

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has a new tattoo on his leg and it’s the face of the late President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli.

According to Konde Boy, he opted to pay tribute to their departed President by drawing a tattoo of his face on his leg with words “Mimi nime sacrifice Maisha yangu Kwaajili ya Watu Maskini”.

Harmonize got the tattoo in Nigeria where he has pitched camp with his team for the preparation of his second studio Album.


Most Loved

The Attitude hit maker was among Magufuli’s favorite artistes.

In March, Harmonize came under heavy criticism after he took to Insta-live to mourn President John Pombe Magufuli while crying on live camera.

At that particular time, many who commented on the live video argued that it was unnecessary for the star to record himself crying on Instagram live, if indeed he was genuine with his tears. Others pointed out that everyone has the right to mourn the Head of State in whichever manner they like.


Join Politics

In October 2019, Magufuli requested Harmonize to join politics and vie for the Tandaimba Parliamentary seat, but unfortunately he did not take up the advice during the 2020 General Election.

Speaking during a public function in Ruangwa, the late Magufuli endorsed Harmonize stating he is a very hard working person and wishes to see him represent his people in Parliament.

“Lakini nampongeza sana Harmonize sijui anatoka Jimbo gani, anatoka Jimbo gani huyu? Tandaimba? Mbuge wa kule ni nani? Ningetamani kweli Harmonize aende akagombee kule akawe mbunge wa Tandaimba. Kijana anabidii nzuri sana. Ndugu zangu asanteni sana mungu awabariki,” said President Magufuli.




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