Hot 96 Radio Presenter Terry Muikamba has confessed that she used to have a huge crush on singer Nyashinski until he got married.

Just the other day, Ms Muikamba was in our offices and we tasked her to describe or tell what she thinks about these people; Larry Madowo, Mike Mondo, Saint P, Willis Raburu, SK Macharia and Nyashinski and that’s when the cat was let out of the bag.

It will be remembered that in February last year, a section of female fans organized a protest #SomeoneTellNyashinski in Nairobi after news broke that he had gotten married.

Some claimed that he does not care about their feelings and it was painful to watch him get married yet they were still crushing on him.

Terry Muikamba
Terry Muikamba

I want you to tell us what you think about this people? Posed Pulse Live Presenter Cherrie.

Larry Madowo

Ms Muikamba: “Hardworking. He is a really go-getter and I like that”

Producer Saint P

Ms Muikamba: “He is Kind hearted, he has a big heart”

Mike Mondo

Ms Muikamba: “Passionate”

Willis Raburu

Ms Muikamba: “Wild and such a good spirit also”.

SK Macharia

Ms Muikamba: “Rich”

Teacher Wanjiku

Ms Muikamba: “She is such a light, so encouraging and you will never have a dull moment”


Ms Muikamba: “I used to have the biggest crash on him until he got married and I said am not into that anymore. Once there is a band on your finger I’m done”

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Pulse Live Presenter Cherrie Cherustui with Terry Muikamba
Pulse Live Presenter Cherrie Cherustui with Terry Muikamba

Practicing Law

We also sought to find out if the beautiful Ms Muikamba still practice Law and this was her response;

Currently, no but am really contemplating on going back. Am always telling people it’s good to go to school because you never know where you will be or want to do in five 5 years, so it’s always good to have that plan.

So I do not practice but still there is a fire inside me, that is like you need to do this. Do it afraid. I’m thinking about going back to school, do my masters and hopefully get back. Not going to court but definitely something that has the foundation of law".

Is dating more difficult when you are a TV personality? Reads a fan’s question to Muikamba.

Response; “I don’t think so because it has not affected me in any way simply because you need to understand how to separate your public life and private life. It becomes difficult when your public and private lie are just one and the same. But if you are able to guard the two, is not difficult.

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