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How Bensoul earned over Sh1 million to perform during a fan's marriage proposal

Wealthy people spare no expense when it comes to entertainment, especially when hosting private functions

Kenyan musician Bensoul

Kenyan singer Bensoul opened up about the lucrative world of music performances and the staggering amounts of money he has been paid for his shows.

In an interview, the talented artist revealed that he has seen cheques for over Sh1 million for exclusive performances, let alone public concerts and music festivals, which is a testament to his popularity and success in the music industry.

According to Bensoul, the secret to his success is not just his talent, but also his ability to connect with his fans on a personal level.


He revealed that he has been approached by wealthy individuals who are willing to pay top dollar for his performances, simply because their wives are fans of his music.

Bensoul said, "Kuna matajiri...unajua mtu anasema bibi yangu anakupenda sana na leo namproposia…na huyo nitajiri sasa utafanya nini. (There are rich people…someone can say my wife likes your music and I am planning a special ceremony...and that’s from a wealthy person, what else is there to do but oblige)?"

Despite the impressive amounts of money he has been paid, Bensoul remains grounded and focused on his craft.

The Niombee hitmaker acknowledged that the money is a nice perk of his job, but his true passion lies in creating music that resonates with his fans and makes a positive impact on their lives.


With his soulful voice and captivating performances, Bensoul has become one of the most sought-after artists in Kenya, and it's no surprise that he commands such high fees for his shows.

Back in 2021, Sol Generation, the music label which signed Bensoul and his counterpart Nviiri The Storyteller, revealed that at the time, the performance fee for the two artists was set at Sh850,000 each.

Wealthy people spare no expense when it comes to entertainment, especially when hosting private functions such as weddings, corporate events, or birthday parties.


Music is a vital aspect of such events, and many high-networth individuals are willing to pay top dollar to secure the services of the world's most renowned musicians.

In January, 2023, Beyoncé was paid a reported $24 million (Sh3 billion) to perform at the unofficial opening of luxury Dubai hotel Atlantis the Royal, in front of an invitation-only audience of celebrities, influencers and journalists.


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