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How MC Gogo's show took a dangerous twist after admirer threw a glass at him

MC Gogo narrates an incident when aggressive lady threw glass at him after tense confrontation

MC Gogo

Franklin Mark Gogo, popularly known as MC Gogo, has become a household name in Kenya's entertainment scene.

The 22-year-old Counselling and Sociology student has captured the hearts of many with his vibrant emceeing work, but his journey to fame has been filled with both highs and lows.

Speaking with Phil Director, Gogo disclosed that his journey into emceeing began in the church when he was about 17 years old. He gradually moved on to emceeing weddings and, eventually, embraced the digital space.


While 2020's lockdown period presented many challenges, it also brought forth opportunities for those who sought them.

For MC Gogo, this period marked a turning point in his career. He started by sharing his work on Facebook, attracting a growing audience. However, it was a video he uploaded on TikTok that truly catapulted him into the limelight.

In this viral video, Gogo introduced his signature witty remarks, and the content struck a chord with viewers. The video garnered over one million views in just 24 hours. Recognising the potential of this platform, he decided to focus on producing content that resonated with his audience.


Despite his rapid rise to fame, MC Gogo's journey hasn't been without hurdles. He recalled a memorable yet challenging experience during a show in Eldoret, where a persistent audience member disrupted his performance by tightly grabbing him.

When her plan failed to materialise after the security grabbed her out of the place, she went back and attempted to throw a glass at MC Gogo.


"Eldoret inakuanga na stage fulani hivi juu. Sijui security walilala aje kidogo then a girl akapanda juu. Akapita akanishikilianna nyuma. Nikajaribu kumgeuza I say hi coz unajua ukiwa zone mtu akuje akudistrupt unapoteza flow.

"So security wakakam but akakaza grip. Wakamtoa mkono mmoja but the other one akanishika mkono akatighten grip. Wakamtoa akashuka nikadhani story imesisha. Mi naendelea kupiga show nikaskia tu kitu imeanguka chini! This lady alienda akachukua ile glass ya maji alikuwa anatumia akanitupia. Mpaka nashindwa sasa mimi nimemafanyia nini," he said.

Moreover, some netizens on the X app recently expressed the opinion that his content caters primarily to high school students.


However, Gogo remains undeterred, stating that everyone has the freedom to choose their preferred content. In his view, if you don't resonate with MC Gogo, there are countless other options to explore.

MC Gogo has developed a substantial online presence. With over 700,000 followers on his TikTok account and a thriving YouTube channel, he consistently shares content with the potential for virality, ensuring his fans stay engaged.

He has become a regular fixture at events, often serving as a hypeman and commanding paychecks that exceed Shs100,000 per appearance.


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