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MC Fullstop, Jahmby Koikai & 9 other unmistakable Reggae MCs in Kenya

From the pioneers to newbies, these are some of the popular reggae MCs in Kenya

MC Philipo, Jahmby Koikai and MC Supa Marcus

The reggae genre in Kenya holds significant popularity, with Jamaican reggae musicians continuing to dominate the airwaves in country.

Many TV or radio stations have shows dedicated to reggae fans.

This musical genre has not only created job opportunities for many Kenyans but has also produced some of the finest MCs in the nation who continue to showcase the genre.

In this article, we delve into the realm of Kenya's top reggae MCs who rock the popular Reggae Nights hosted in various clubs in the city.


They have perfected the art of commanding the stage, hyping up the crowd, and curating memorable experiences.

John Maina, popularly known as MC Fullstop, has established himself as one of the best in the industry. His journey began in 1994 when he embarked on his career at the young age of 14.

Through perseverance and dedication, he gradually earned a reputation as a go-to reggae MC, eventually securing a position at K24 where he hosts a reggae show on Saturdays.


He also landed a show on NRG Radio where he hosts a weekend reggae show.

You have probably heard the catchphrase, 'Ikibamba sana wapi nduru wewee'. Well, MC Supa Marcus is the man behind this popular catchphrase.

Known for his unique voice, MC Supa Marcus built a name for himself when he hosted reggae shows, popularly known as Jam sessions, in different clubs in Nairobi.


Supa Marcus has over a decade of experience in the industry and today besides mceeing works with different brands.

Jahmby Koikai is among the few top female names in the reggae MCing space in Kenya.

Koikai has been in the industry for over ten years and has established herself as a stalwart in the industry.


An endometriosis warrior, Jahmby conquered it all and came back to do what she does best. Koikai also threw herself into politics, running for Dagorreti South MP, although she did not succeed.

Also among the most sought-after reggae MCs, Philipo's vast experience in the industry has seen him land deals and gigs in the country and beyond.

Philipo has also made appearances in different reggae shows on TV and radio throughout his time in the industry.


Baba Dede, as he is popularly known, has built a name for himself due to his ability to mix and MC at the same time.

MC Teargas has garnered a huge fanbase thanks to his show on NRG Radio, as well as major club appearances.


As the CEO of Rush Hour entertainment, Spanyola Bird Man is a solid figure in the reggae entertainment space.

He has been in the industry for over ten years and continues to entertain reggae lovers.

The reggae MC started from humble beginnings and has slowly risen to become a familiar name in the entertainment space.


Alongside DJ Moh, Jahwatchy not only thrills fans in clubs but also on TV and radio.

A product of Dohty Family Entertainment, Kadamawe Roots was mentored by popular DJ Kriss Darling before going independent.

Kadamawe, besides clubs, also has a significant presence on YouTube and other music streaming platforms.


Relatively new in the industry, MC D Majail has proven to be exceptionally talented. His passion and hard work have earned him appearances on TV and radio, as well as international shows.


MC Gogo is currently one of the most sought-after MCs in Kenya today. His versatility has enabled him to capture an even wider audience, and he can work with any genre of music.

MC Masilver is another top talent that has emerged as a sought-after MC. A quick search on YouTube will reveal numerous mixtapes he has been part of, with a substantial listenership.

Masilver is also a common name in the clubbing world with numerous appearances regulalrly across the country.


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