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I felt abandoned when Baha and Govi left Machachari- Actress Stella opens up (Video)

I was so pissed, Hadi wa leo nakuwanga tu na hiyo beef- Stella

Actress Natasha Ngegie aka Stella

Former Machachari actress Natasha Ngegie popularly known as Stella has for the first time opened on how the exit of Baha and Govi from Machachari took a toll on her.

In an interview with Pulse Live, Stella explained that she felt abandoned when the two (Govi and Baha) left months before the show officially came to an end. She says they had developed a very strong bond on Machachariri and their exit really affected her character on the show.

“Personally for me, when this guy’s decided to quit, I was so pissed. Ni kama mlini-abandon hadi wa leo nakuwanga tu na hiyo beef. So nakuja naambiwa Baha na Govi hako wameenda Ushago, am like how? Na hii Episode Ingine?

…Kitu ilifanya niskie vibaya ni You know Machachari used to be Stella, Baha an Govi but this two guys have just left na amebaki Stella Pekee yake. So ilifika mahali Stella’s character ikakuwa ina interact so much na adults than her own peer” said Natasha.


Machachari Ending

Natasha went on to state that currently acting is no longer a priority in her life, as she is focusing on doing businesses and venturing into the Real Estate world.

The young actress went on to weigh on the ending on Machachari; “There were rumours that kipindi inaisha but sasa mkisha letewa script Nne mnajua mnaenda kuchapa zingine pengine two years.


But sasa vile iliisha, iliisha abruptly juu tulikuwa tushashoot episode zote Nne but mnaambiwa ikiisha hizo episode zingine are no airing. It was so rushed but we understand the copmay has their own reasons and we respect them but I just feel there was a better way to approach such a situation and give it a good ending na pia kupatia crew ile momentum ya kipindi inaisha”

So there were also stories of signing new contracts that I was not for it because I want to step out and also do other things. Juu nimekuwa hapa 10 years, you also want to go and do other things, venture into business coz not everything has to be about TV”.

On the other hand, Malik Lemmy aka Govi said that his exit from Machachari was necessitated by the need to grow his craft beyond the name “Govi” that had become his official tag.


“I felt like have I been on this dhow for long, juu hiyo time nilikuwa 19, and I had served people for 12 years so I wanted to venture into other things. There were talks from 2018 that we might leave the show. So mimi nilienda nikasema what I felt inafakuchange but since niliona inatake time nikaona its best ni step aside"

"At that sikujua itaa affects Crew na Cast ama show itakuja kuisha. So mimi nikatoka and there were a lot of stories. They tried getting Us back but I was actually tired, ile fatique and also wanted to see Normal life inafeel aje. So in October they called Us for the wrap-up party and it was all good"


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