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Ex-Machachari actor Govi clears the air on gay claims after his photos in high heels caused a stir

Govi sets the record straight

Malik Lemmy aka Govi

Former Machachari actor Malik Lemmy popularly known as Govi has refuted Gay claims labeled against him by netizens after sharing photos rocking high heel boots.

Speaking to Jalang’o, Malik explained that the idea of rocking high heel boots, came from his photographer. He insisted that he is very straight and netizens should not be too quick to draw conclusion to what they don’t as other things are just showbiz.

"Mbona umeanza kuvaa nguo ya wamama?" Asked Jalang’o.


Govi replied; “We had a conversation with my designer, I told him give me sneakers akasema hapana chocha, onyesha watu wewe ni nani. Mimi naenda kupiga picha hivi na turn naangalia mguu iko na high heels…hapo Muma pix ashaanza kupiga picha and they told me hii itauza…Juu nikavaa kama Mwanaume, chini umama ikachukua.

Lakini its very funny ati mtu anaweza kaa chini aone at wewe ni Gay, am the straightest man you will ever meet. And actually I have never thought naweza kaa chini kuanza kuhave a conversation about mimi kuwa gay.

Ndio maana mimi huambia mafans, unaweza jipata kwa mix up ya watu na wao wanapiga showbiz…because hiyo hate and love zikimix inakuwa success.”

During the interview, Govi explained that his exit from Machachari was necessitated by the need to grow his craft beyond the name “Govi” that had become his official tag.


“…turuke hizo miaka zote tuingie 2019, when I quit my job, I wasn’t sacked…I left Machachari and I was never sacked…and that why I always appreciate our Chairman Dr. SK Macharia and his wife, Latiffah Ngunjiri and my producer Naomi Kamau. Mimi hukuwa nimewa-respect sana, because they taught us to be family. That’s one thing many shows lack in Kenya,” said Govi in part.


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