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We were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries - ex-Machacahari actor Govi opens up in bold message

Sometimes I ask myself was growing up a sin?- Govi

Ex-Machachari  actor Govi aka Malik Lemmy

Former Machachari actor Malik Lemmy alias Govi has penned down a powerful message, highlighting the frustrations they have been through after they came of age and they had to leave the Machacahari cast.

Malik lamented that Kenyans have failed the “Child stars” who brought entertainment to their homes and nowadays all they do is abuse them on social media instead of supporting them.

The young actor further stated that some of the cast members are at the lowest points in life but nobody cares to reach out to them, but keep on asking "mbona mliwacha kututengenezea content?"


Govi's post

Its so obvious that people know by now that most of us drifted apart despite all the fun and games and the memories we made on set. I never knew it would reach this point that the family would be broken into pieces and everyone would go their separate ways

"Sometimes I ask myself was growing up a sin? I decided to pen this down and tell Kenyans and the media how they failed these child stars. You all loved us when we were at the top,when we were winning awards and entertaining you all on your screens..most of you were eager to see us doing interviews and going for shows.

"BUT when all that stopped you started hating on these child stars..we grew up knowing that you were the ones to hold us up even at our lowest points but growth showed us different Criticizing, hating, abusing to say the least became part of the norms on our side. Not even one person has ever reached out to offer support in any way to these child stars. The only questions you guys have is "mbona mliwacha kututengenezea content?" reads part Govi's post.


Sacrificial lambs

Lemmy also narrated that they were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries, an act that has now paved way for other kids to shine on TV.

Adding that, Kenyans shouldn't be surprised why they are not yet in Hollywood or driving big cars but instead support them and other creatives in the film industry.

We all come from different environments, I might be financially stable but that doesn't mean that all of us are stable. Don't expect us to be living in paradise and driving flashy cars yet you know the Kenyan film industry is still at ground zero when it comes to paying actors. We were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries and because of that now your children are enjoying the fruits of the industry.


"I believe if we hadn't paved the way for the young people in Kenya..many things wouldn't have been born by now. All I'm asking from you guys is give us time to grow , to make our mistakes. Shower us with your love and blessings. We are your children.

"Don't ask us why we haven't been to Hollywood yet we get no support from you guys. If there is someone to make us reach the top is you guys. KENYANS, instead of abusing get to know how these guys are doing. Trust you me when I tell you some guys among us have reached their lowest points in life and all they need is your love and support. I wont tag them coz you know them. BLESSINGS!!!! #KENYAHASFAILEDUS #MEDIAHASFAILED

"GOD NEVER FAILED US and for that reason we will be back firm and stronger,” wrote Malik Lemmy aka Govi.


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