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Inside Shaffie Weru's cozy home & shoe collection worth over Sh1.5M [Photos]

Check out Shaffie Weru's stylish abode, a peek into his personal sanctuary

Shaffie Weru

In the heart of Nairobi's bustling cityscape lies an oasis of calm and style: the residence of Shaffie Weru, Kenya's celebrated media personality.

A look into Shaffie's personal living space, courtesy of Nailantei Kenga from the Art of Living Show on KTN, reveals a home that blends comfort with a distinct flair for the modern.

As you step into the hallway of Shaffie's home, you are greeted by a collection of framed photographs lining the walls, a testament to cherished memories and a life lived in the spotlight.

The living room, a symphony of warm wooden accents and soft, plush furnishings, invites guests to sink into the chocolate brown recliner sofa.


Here, the room is centred around family, friends, and entertainment, with a large flat-screen TV and an entertainment unit housing various gadgets and gizmos that speak to Shaffie's love for technology and leisure.

A meticulously arranged cabinet showcases trophies, mementoes, and books, narrating a tale of achievements and interests beyond the airwaves.

Transitioning to the bedrooms, we witness a space that echoes the balance of simplicity and style.


A large bed with a dark wooden headboard is adorned with bedding that features a geometric pattern with a pop of red, conveying both energy and elegance.

Decorative elements are understated yet refined, ensuring that the bedroom remains a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation.

But perhaps the most surprising element is the extensive shoe collection.


An entire closet is dedicated to an array of sneakers, boots, and formal shoes, organized meticulously on shelves and even spilling onto the floor.

It's a collection that rivals any boutique and speaks volumes about Shaffie's passion for footwear.


Shaffie Weru's home is a reflection of the man himself: dynamic, stylish, and deeply personal.

Each room tells a story of a life rich with experiences, a heart full of memories, and a personality that's larger than life.


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