Instead of enjoying the Match you want to enjoy the Matchbox- Millicent Omanga

Mtafanya Kiberiti ipande Bei

Senator Millicent Omanga

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga weighed in on the viral “Kiberiti” discussion that has been on the lips of many for the better part of this week, on how it’s components can been used to alter the chromosomal composition of a human zygote.

Commenting on the topic, Omanga wondered why would people be focused on the “Kiberiti magic” instead of enjoying the ‘Match’.

“Well instead of enjoying the Match you want to enjoy the Matchbox. Once the results on Kiberiti turn out undesirable, don’t blame Satan,” reads a tweet from Senator Omanga.

For the better part of this week, #Kiberiti has been a trending topic on social media after an unidentified lady who was planning to cheat on her Husband said she will use a Matchstick to make the baby resemble her in case she gets pregnant for her “Mpango wa Kando”.

The leaked message promoted curious Netizens to start researching on the influence of #Kiberiti in altering the chromosomal composition of a human zygote.

A number of unfounded explanations were given around the topic but no scientific or proven examples were discovered by Netizens, only hearsay and speculations dominated the discussion.

Twitter User, Amerix (Eric) who is a certified medical specialist in Reproductive Health also joined the conversation, ruling out possibilities of a Matchstick in altering the composition of a human zygote.

“NO. Matchsticks do not change or alter the chromosomal composition of a human zygote.

Your father did not sell his cows for you to come out of school with hollow rumours. Respect your former cows. Respect yourself. #BetterTogether,” reads Amerix’s tweet.

Another used added that Matchsticks contain Sulphur compounds which are Mutagens and they can alter DNA.

@MjoroChris “@amerix Sulphur compounds are Mutagens, they can alter DNA, match stick is composed of an ignitor,fuel and oxidizing agent, the fuel is a Sulphur compound, we don't say that the concept of match sticks works, what we say is that the argument has got a scientific base”.

The heads of safety matches are made of an oxidizing agent such as potassium chlorate, mixed with sulfur, and in this case sulfur can alter and distort double-helix DNA structure.


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