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Is Eric Omondi planning to run for a political seat? [Pulse Contributor's Article]

Eric Omondi has promised a big announcement on September 1st

Eric Omondi

Self-proclaimed President of African comedy Eric Omondi is tired of seeing the country being led by the same people. After being sickened by the recent social injustices police have been conducting against the youth, Omondi has a plan to change the system.

The 34-year-old humorist revealed on Tuesday (August 24) that he will be making a big announcement on Wednesday, September 1st.

In a video he shared on Instagram, Omondi laments about living in a country that is stuck under the same leadership.

"Hi. My name is Eric Omondi, I'm a Kenyan. I was born in the year 1983. I will be turning 40 in two years. All my life I've known the same leaders. I've voted four times in my life," explains Omondi who is seated at a dumpsite.


"I've been recycling the same leaders and because of this, we have recycled our hopes, we have recycled dreams, we have recycled our ambitions and we have recycled our lives. This September, enough is enough. It's time to clean up."

In another video shared on Wednesday, the award-winning comedian further clarified his intent and motive behind the plot against the current reign.

"Vijana it's time we take over. Ni sawa punda akichoka lakini si sawa punda akidedi. Maze vijana wanadedi ju ya dredi. Juzi tumepoteza vijana wawili mbona Embu. Polisi wanasema wanawalinda msipate Corona alafu wanawauwa. Aje sasa? Maze vijana tumechoka kupiga kura ama tupigiwe kura. Time imefika! Tumecomplain, hawa mabuda na mababa wamekaa sana," a serious-looking Omondi declared.


He added: "Vijana tuko 68% of the vote so sisi ndo tunawavote in alafu wanatunyanyasa ata kutuuwa. So tukiamka turealize sisi ndo tuko na hiyo vote, tunaweza kuwa vote out out, tujivote in ama tulete fresh blood, fresh start. Wednesday tarehe moja September, tutaisema alafu tutaifanya."

To no one's surprise, many people believe that Omondi is looking to seek a political position. Omondi's affiliate Eddie Butita was among those who made the speculations.

"Now that Eric Omondi wants to be Nairobi Governor. Wife material tutafanyia City Hall ama?" Butita tweeted while referencing their Wife Material Show.

Omondi later posted screenshots of such tweets on Instagram and in the caption, he didn't seem to deny these presumptions.

"Kwani ni Kesho??? Always looks Impossible until it is DONE!!! Kuna siku VIJANA WATAUNGANA!!! TIME IMEFIKA!!! The Revolution shall be televised. FAGIA WOTE," he wrote in the caption.


It's not hard to conclude that Eric Omondi might be eying for a political seat since artists and celebrities all over the world have a history of turning to politics at certain points in their careers.

In East Africa, it is pretty common for entertainers to turn into politicians. Jaguar has served as the member of parliament of Starehe in 2017, Tanzanian rap icon successfully vied for the Mikumi Constituency in 2015, and Bobi Wine won the Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament seat in 2017 as well.

Only time will tell how Eric Omondi is planning to execute his strategies to put the youth into power. Until then, we remain to ask ourselves, will Eric Omondi come up with a solid agenda to save the Kenyan youth?


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